Pickled Beets Are All You Need To Amp Up The Flavor Of Yogurt

Pickled beets and yogurt may seem like an odd pairing but the two can create an exceptionally delicious experience for your mouth. Beets tend to have an earthy taste, but when pickled, that flavor is transformed into a yin and yang of sweet and sour. Add those to some tangy Greek yogurt and you not only get a shade of pink that Barbie would be jealous of, but you create a taste and texture that will make you excited to eat this combo.

If you like this dynamic duo together, you can drizzle a little honey into the mix or add some walnuts for a sweet and nutty taste along with a crunchy bite. These additions round out an already-balanced flavor and will have you craving yogurt and beets for your next meal. But if you are really feeling the creative culinary bug, you may want to create a frozen dessert with these ingredients.

It taste good as an ice cream or smoothie

These two ingredients are popular if you like to follow a Mediterranean diet and are often used together to create a salad. And while you can easily add some fresh herbs to the mix — think dill, savory, or even parsley — to amp up the savory richness of this marriage between pickled beets and yogurt, you can create a sweet frozen yogurt. Simply puree all of the ingredients together, add sugar or honey to sweeten, and freeze. It's the perfect creamy treat to end a meal with or to nosh on while discussing the book of the month at book club. 

These flavors are also perfect to start your day with in the form of a smoothie. Simply throw your pickled beets and yogurt into a blender with some ice and whatever other flavors you might like — be it a natural, sugar-rich fruit like apples or something of a savory nature like spinach — and you have the perfect smoothie to jumpstart your morning.