For The Best Cup Of Coffee, Let Your Machine Actually Finish Brewing

During a busy morning, with an upcoming video or Zoom call looming, the alluring scent of coffee brewing can be exceptionally hard to resist. We've all been there. And, what's more, many coffee makers come with a pause feature. You can simply remove the pot or carafe and pour yourself a cup of joe mid-brew. As tempting and convenient as this may be, for the ultimate coffee experience and the best cup of coffee, patience is key. Let your coffee maker finish brewing before pouring a cup.

And here's the reason why. Brewing coffee with a drip coffee machine fundamentally involves using hot water to extract flavors from the coffee grounds. But this process isn't consistent throughout. In the beginning, water extracts the boldest flavors, resulting in a very strong-tasting brew. Pouring at this stage gives you an overpoweringly robust cup of coffee. In contrast, the remaining brew in the carafe will then be milder and weaker, leading to a flavor imbalance. 

By waiting for the brew to complete, you ensure that the full range of coffee flavors is extracted, resulting in a perfect, balanced cup. In short, for a cup of coffee that hits all the right notes, give your coffee machine all the time it needs to brew completely no matter how hard it is to wait.

Let your coffee machine finish brewing, unless it's a Keurig

It's important to note that while these brewing guidelines apply to most drip coffee makers, they don't necessarily apply to Keurig machines. Keurigs have found their way into countless homes, providing a quick and straightforward coffee solution, especially for those manic mornings. Just pop in the K-cup, hit start, and you're poised to take on whatever the day throws at you. However, keen Keurig owners might have discerned a unique trait in the Keurig brewing process. 

As the Keurig nears the end of its cycle, it often expels a diluted, watered-down coffee solution. Rather than enhancing or balancing your cup, this weak finale can undermine the full-bodied richness that came before. This seemingly contradicts our earlier advice of allowing coffee makers to complete their brew, but, you should remove your cup from a Keurig machine before the final watery drizzle appears. This is the secret to a consistently robust and flavorful Keurig coffee.

Ultimately, to brew the best cup of coffee, first get to know your coffee maker and its distinct quirks. Whether that means waiting for a complete brew or babysitting your cup to ensure a pure Keurig pour, a little extra care and patience go a long way in achieving that ideal cup of coffee — and what's more important than that?