Remove Your Coffee Cup Before The Keurig Stops Brewing. Here's Why

Whether you're getting ready for work or getting your kids out the door, mornings are hectic, and having a super fast and easy way to grab a cup of coffee is essential. Keurig coffee makers offer an incredibly convenient way to get a hot cup of joe in the morning or an afternoon pick-me-up. Like most people, when you're making your Keurig coffee, you probably hastily pop in the K-cup, pull the lever down, hit the button, and walk away, working on whatever other million tasks you have going on at the moment (unless you are just too tired to do anything besides sit and stare at the Keurig, begging it to go faster).

So you may not have noticed that at the end of the coffee-making cycle, the Keurig spits out a watery leftover coffee liquid that does nothing but taint your delicious cup of pure coffee. The simple solution for this: Pull your cup before the unnecessary watery liquid gets into your coffee. Multi-tasking is great, but if you want a delicious mug of non-watery coffee you might have to keep your eyes on your Keurig: You'll be able to see when the coffee ends and the non-coffee liquid begins.

Other Keurig hacks for better-tasting coffee

Keurig machines deliver coffee at the touch of a button, but does convenience sacrifice quality? If you maintain your coffee maker and follow a few Keurig hacks it doesn't always have to. Besides removing your cup at the end of the cycle to avoid watered-down coffee, keeping your machine clean is key to delivering a tasty cup. To clean it, fill the chamber with distilled white vinegar and allow it to cycle through the machine until empty; then, run water through it to clean out any remaining vinegar.

Another popular Keurig trick to increase the boldness and flavor of your coffee is to use two pods instead of one on the lowest-ounce setting. This way you'll avoid watered-down coffee since the higher the ounce setting the more water is used. Of course, doubling up the pods is double damage to your wallet and the environment. Avoid this by using reusable coffee pods that you can fill with your favorite ground coffee. Whether using refillable pods or K-Cups, opt for medium and dark roasts to provide a more flavorful beverage. Finally, using filtered water instead of tap water is another simple and effective way to improve the taste while also avoiding possible harmful contaminants.