The Extra Step You Need To Take Before Brewing Coffee In Your Keurig

Keurigs are incredibly convenient, but the coffee doesn't always come out as great as you want. Whether it tastes smackingly bitter, a little too weak, or annoyingly lukewarm, it might make you want to put your machine out of commission. But rather than banishing it to the depths of a cabinet, there is an extra step you can take before popping in a pod to make the coffee taste better. Before brewing your coffee, run a cycle of water through the device to warm it up.

Normally, different coffee roasts require different water temperatures to brew, so it makes sense that the Keurig isn't a one-temperature device. For example, dark roast coffee beans have been roasted longer and often require hotter water temperatures to extract the bold flavors and oils present in the beans. The recommended brewing temperature for dark roast coffee is typically between 200 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas light roasts require 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit. So, if your espresso or French roast K-Cup is tasting bland, try running a water cycle prior to brewing to finetune its taste.

Other ways to enhance your Keurig coffee

If you're looking for more tricks to make your next cup of Keurig coffee more flavorful, we got you. An easy second step is warming your cup before placing it in the device. Try pouring hot water from a kettle into it, or simply heat a cup of water in the microwave. Toss the water into the sink and get your K-Cup started. When coffee cools, it begins to lose its flavor profile, making the drink taste blander. It also becomes more acidic, creating a bitter taste. That's why having a warm mug, and keeping it warm, will help. You can also consider using an insulated mug.

If your cup of joe continually tastes weak, you can also lower your brew size. Rather than choosing the larger option, go with a shorter cup so as to not dilute the drink. You can also double up on K-Cups and brew a second one into your mug, though that will make you burn through your stash faster. With some tinkering, your Keurig coffee will taste much better with a few extra minutes.