Use Canned Crab For Deluxe Chowder Soup That's Deliciously Easy

Crab and corn chowder may sound like one of those recipes that requires a luxurious amount of both time and ingredients. Thankfully, you can improvise your way into a more convenient and economical version of this dish by using canned crab. Tucking canned crab into your next batch of chowder can brighten even the bleakest of days, and when served with freshly toasted pieces of crusty bread, you'll be able to put a satisfying meal on the table with little fuss.

Though recipes calling for crab may scream excess or celebration, you don't need to wait until your next anniversary or work promotion to feast on the fancy crustacean. In under 40 minutes, you can be on your way to ladling steaming, comforting bowls of crab-enhanced chowder to serve to hungry guests. Topped with a dollop of homemade crème fraîche, this delicious and convenient recipe cuts no corners when it comes to decadence, and your pocketbook will thank you for your prudent choice of ingredients.

Reaching for budget-friendly ingredients

Stock your pantry with canned crab to have easy access to an ingredient that can boost not only soups but salads, appetizers, and main dishes. As you browse the aisles of your supermarket looking for crab in tins, you may find an assortment of options to purchase the preserved crustacean. Premium crab typically packs larger pieces of crab meat, and some labels will mark products as "jumbo." Since the price point of canned crab is much lower than its freshly picked counterpart, the cost and convenience of opening up tinned crab meat can make otherwise intimidating recipes seem a bit more approachable.

Before adding canned crab to your recipes, check the meat for any shell pieces. Though the texture and taste of tinned crab can differ from fresh crab meat, when simmered in broth or stew, the pieces will become tender and flavorful. Once you've finished cooking your crab-enhanced chowder, customize each bowl of soup with savory bacon bits, fresh herbs, or pieces of oyster crackers. The satisfying combination of tender crab meat, savory broth, and creamy corn hits all the right notes when it comes to textures and flavors, and when coupled with warm, crunchy toast, will leave you reaching for second servings.