Lemon And Fresh Herbs Are All You Need For Flavorful Grilled Swordfish

Less can be more when high-quality ingredients are involved, and if you've finally gotten your hands on a fresh piece of swordfish, now is not the time to panic. Don't overthink the preparation of this meaty, tender fish. Instead, keep swordfish recipes simple with a squeeze of lemon and some fresh herbs picked from your garden or purchased from your local market.

Tasting Table's grilled swordfish recipe developed by Stephanie Rapone can ease any anxiety you might have as you fire up the grill and look to put a delicious meal on the table. Begin by washing fresh thyme, basil, and parsley, then get your choice of cooking oil and salt ready. Garlic and red pepper flakes add extra flavor to this easy recipe, and both the zest and the juice of a lemon will bring a delicious zing to your dish. Whether you plan to marinate your fillets in advance or simply make an herby vinaigrette to dress the cooked fish later on, this simple ingredient list is all you need to serve dinner with pride.

Stick to the basics for guaranteed results

Mixing fresh herbs like basil and parsley with lemon juice, garlic, red pepper flakes, and salt is all you need to create a vinaigrette that tastes professionally made. If you have time, consider making a marinade with salt, garlic, lemon, fresh thyme, and herb-infused olive oil. Letting your fish sit in this mixture for at least half an hour prior to cooking can help you dial up the volume of the dish and enhance its flavor.

To finish your grilled pieces of swordfish, drizzle extra lemon on top of each fillet. Serve the vinaigrette on the side for diners to dip crusty pieces of toast or dress their fish as they please. The leftover herbs and lemon can be stored to use in tomorrow's meals or tucked into a salad. With a meal this fresh and delicious, however, leftovers might be difficult to come by.