Ramen Seasoning Packets Add A Spicy Kick To Your Scrambled Eggs

Few things in life make our taste buds purr like the flavor of instant ramen noodles. But, if you use the noodles on their own in a stir fry, you can save that silver packet of seasoning to use the next time you make scrambled eggs. The same salty and herby flavoring that makes for a delicious broth can also add some spicy oomph to your morning eggs.

The instant ramen noodles packet contains a seasoning that is packed with sodium, so you can its contents just as you would use salt and pepper. Simply add the contents of the seasoning packet to your eggs before you start whisking them. This will allow you to fully incorporate the seasoning as you blend the yolk and egg whites together until the eggs are pale yellow and foamy. Once your mixture has the right consistency, scramble away when it hits the frying pan. You can also use this trick when making a tasty and delicious omelet.

Use at least three eggs

Chef and co-founder of Momofuku, David Chang, uses this hack when he makes his eggs. Chang uses three eggs for a single packet to create a "ramlet," but depending on how intense you want the flavor, feel free to use a couple more. The best thing about this trick is that the taste of your eggs will change depending on what type of instant ramen seasoning you use. Whether spicy, sweet, or savory, the ramen seasoning packet will hit all the right notes. So, the next time you don't know what to do with a leftover Ramen packet, save it for your eggs.

Additionally, if you are wondering what to eat alongside your ramen-flavored eggs, know that the options are limitless. Pair them with your favorite sticky rice and veggies for a satisfying dinner. Top a toasted English muffin with some cream cheese or provolone along with these tasty eggs for a new favorite breakfast sandwich. Or, warm a pita and add the eggs with a little hummus, lettuce, and sliced cucumber for a tasty and filling lunch.