Melted Butter Brings That Boost Of Flavor That Boxed Pancakes Need

If you haven't added melted butter to your boxed pancake mix, your pancakes and your taste buds are missing out. These premade dry mixes generally contain flour, oil, milk, eggs, sugar, and a rising agent, and only require water to mix up. However, blending in a little melted butter is a game changer. This small addition can improve the taste, texture, and how your pancake fries and browns as it cooks. 

Butter's raison d'être changes depending on how it's mixed, your other ingredients, and in what state you add it in — warm, cold, or melted. In its melted form, butter blends with other ingredients more readily than solid butter and adds richness to the taste. Melted butter offers nutty, sweet, and salty flavor elements to your mix that complement and enhance these flat cakes. The milk solids in butter also help with browning. As the pancakes cook, the butter is going to help them turn golden on the outside. That little bit of added fat will make them moist and fluffy, creating the perfect bite for your mouth. 

You don't need a lot of butter, though

To achieve this perfection, simply add a tablespoon of melted butter per cup of mix, and watch your boxed pancake mix transform. If you want more of that soft, creamy taste, consider melting a little bit of butter in the pan to fry your hot cakes in. However, be careful not to go overboard with this fat. If you do, your pancakes will end up tasting dense and heavy. Besides, too much butter means fewer bubbles, which means flatter pancakes. 

Melted butter is also key to making trendy pancakes in a mug in the microwave. Using your boxed mix, a little water, and this liquified fat, you can have a tasty pancake in as little as a minute. That said, if you like the idea of butter but prefer a non-dairy option, vegan butter is your secret to success. Just make certain to choose one that melts well and maintains its flavor.