Thaw And Mash A Frozen Avocado For Guacamole On Demand

Avocados are one of Mexico's greatest gifts to the world. Unfortunately, avocados aren't as widely available outside of the temperate and tropical climates that lie closer to the equator. Many grocery stores and produce brands now sell frozen avocado halves and chunks, allowing us to enjoy avocados whenever the craving strikes. Freezing avocado meat alters its consistency, so the best use for the frozen variety is mashed into smoothies, avocado toasts, mousses, and dips. Consequently, frozen avocados are perfect for the most famous avocado dish of all: guacamole

Not only will mashing avocado with lime juice mask the slightly mushy consistency of thawed frozen avocado, but it will also ingratiate its flavor. If you buy packaged frozen avocados, they're treated with citric acid to maintain their bright green coloring. Since frozen avocados already have a tangy additive, they'll fit right into a dish like guacamole that's known for its zestiness. Whether you buy them or freeze fresh ones yourself, the best way to maximize the creaminess of frozen avocados for guacamole is to thaw them slowly. You can either put the frozen avocado you'll need in the fridge to thaw overnight or let the avocado defrost for an hour at room temperature on your countertop. Once the avocados have thawed, you can follow a standard guacamole recipe, mashing them with a potato masher, fork, or spoon with salt, garlic, and a squeeze of lime juice.

More tips on making guacamole with frozen avocados

Frozen avocados are a luxury of modern conveniences, but freezing and thawing them releases excess water. Then mashing them into guacamole with citrus and other veggies that also contain liquid will increase the likelihood of a watery texture. Luckily, you have plenty of options to remedy watery guacamole without sacrificing any of the standard mix-ins.

One way to absorb the water and thicken the avocado foundation is to add another ingredient like a dollop of yogurt cheese to your guacamole. Having undergone extra filtration, yogurt cheese is ultra thick and drier than plain Greek yogurt. It will enhance your guacamole with an ultra-thick texture, creamy and tangy flavor, and extra protein. Blending shredded hard cheese or a drier crumbly cheese like cotija would also help absorb water while providing a savory and salty kick. For a dairy-free option, you could add a dollop of mayonnaise instead. If you'd rather stick with the fundamental ingredients, you can modify them to diminish the guacamole's water content. Add less lime juice than the recipe calls for, or instead of adding the entire diced tomato, you could rid your tomatoes of their watery seeds before adding them to the avocados.