Watch 2 Brothers Eat 21 Chicken Sandwiches In Less Than 24 Hours

There's been an influx of chicken sandwiches on restaurant menus in recent years. From fast-food giants like McDonald's and Popeyes to fast-casual joints such as Shake Shack, almost every eatery has created its own version of the sandwich by now. What exactly makes all of these sandwiches unique? With the endless options these days, it can be difficult to figure out. To help, Brian and Scott Wilson, or the Mashed Brothers as we like to call them, set out to try 21 chicken sandwiches in less than 24 hours (Yes, you read that correctly!).

"I want to figure out which [sandwiches] are on the bottom so that I can eat the ones that are on the top," Scott explains. To establish a hierarchy, the brothers created a sliding scale starting with the "Mashallin Award" for the supreme sandwiches to the "Burger Time Award" for places that should stick to burgers. In between, there are letter grades A through F (with an S-tier above the A). You're already aware that most eateries have spicy chicken sandwiches and deluxe variations, but to make it easier on their stomachs, Brian and Scott stuck to classic versions. You'll watch them go from national chains like Wendy's to regional spots like Jaggers, along with a microphone attached to a spatula, to figure out who's serving up the most delicious crispy chicken sandwich — so you don't have to.

The best — and worst — chicken sandwiches

The brother's most important factors in grading each sandwich seem to depend on its crispiness, the "fixin's" like lettuce or special sauce, and the "threads," which Scott claims is evidence of real chicken meat. Out of the 21 sandwiches, three were worthy of a Mashallin award. Raising Cane's was the first to snag a Mashallin, thanks to its juicy chicken and "tomatoey" Cane's sauce. "The meat was so plump and juicy and the sandwich was so huge," says Scott. Church's, an unassuming chicken chain, also got the award for of its juicy, real chicken. "Look at them threads" Scott exclaims. City Bird, the final stop, had a "mind-blowing" chicken sandwich because of its coleslaw, pickles, special sauce, and fresh chicken, also earning it a Mashallin.

The brothers rated places that many think have stellar chicken sandos, like Chick-fil-A and KFC, both of which earned a B rating. Meanwhile, Popeyes, which launched its chicken sandwich a couple of years ago had a crisp "unlike any crisp," but the meat was dry, leading the bros to give it a C rating. Burger King was slapped with a D because it was "double underwhelming." McDonald's got a failing grade with the brothers calling it "an attempt at a Chick-fil-A sandwich" that didn't work. Rounding out the worst sandwiches was White Castle because of its processed chicken. "If you're not dead inside, you're going to want to eat somewhere else," says Scott. Be sure to check out the full video on YouTube for a break down of all 21 sandwiches. 

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