Which Day You Should Shop At Whole Foods For The Best Deals

Want to shop at Whole Foods and save a few bucks? Then you should try to get on a mid-week shopping schedule and hit the store on Wednesdays. Why? Because this is when the Amazon-owned grocery chain's new weekly sales first become available to all shoppers. When scrolling through what weekly items are being discounted, be mindful of the fact that you'll have to be an Amazon Prime member to take full advantage of the percentage off. If you aren't one, you won't have access to the maximum discount, though you'll still get a reduced price.

But, if you are an Amazon Prime member, well, the old saying holds true: Membership has its privileges — especially at Whole Foods. If you have a Prime membership, there are even more savings to be had on top of those Wednesday deals, like those marked-down Whole Foods turkeys. Amazon Prime members get an extra 10% off all sale items – with the exception of alcohol – and there are even some exclusive seasonal deals to enjoy. All these savings put money back in your pocket for you to use for other thing, like that air fryer you've been eyeing.

Other ways to save at Whole Foods

It may feel a little "Matrix"-esque, but pay attention to the yellow and blue signs as you roam the aisles of your local Whole Foods. Yellow signs give you the standard sale price; however, those blue signs for Prime members can mean savings of up to 50% off. This is when you might want to stock up on all those Whole Foods pantry staples. And, if you are an Amazon Prime member and are familiar with its exciting discount-riddled Prime days, look for similar deals from July to October at Whole Foods. That's right, the grocery chain offers in-store Prime Day sales as well.

Need more savings? We live in an app-driven world and to really take advantage of those Whole Foods sales, you do want to download the store's app. This gives you access to additional savings at checkout and, every so often, you might even get a digital coupon you can use. But the app is really just the beginning when it comes to monitoring and accessing sales. 

It seems cliché, but following Whole Foods' social media accounts is a great way to make sure you're aware of all available bargains and deals as you're planning out your weekly or monthly grocery excursions. In addition to hyping sales, Whole Foods also uses its socials to introduce customers to new products, highlight seasonal items, and suggest recipes and pairings.