Whole Foods Is Marking Down Turkeys For Amazon Prime Members

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When Amazon bought Whole Foods in 2017, no one was quite sure what the e-sales empire had in store for the organic food grocer. However, for all the future unknowns, one thing quickly became apparent; Amazon was going to offer its loyal Prime members some serious Whole Foods deals. From no-strings-attached free delivery to 5% back on groceries with an Amazon credit card, Whole Foods lovers can get a lot of bang for their buck by signing up for the Amazon rewards program. And now, with Thanksgiving only two weeks away, a new Whole Foods deal will help Amazon Prime members buy a low-cost bird for the big feast.

These marked-down turkey prices come in the days leading up to what may prove to be one of America's most expensive Thanksgivings yet — and the centerpiece of your holiday spread, in particular, is expected to cost 57% more than it has in the last five years (via The Wall Street Journal). So if you're a current or future Amazon Prime subscriber who wants to avoid feeling the weight of this less-than-festive price uptick, here's how you can score a Whole Foods turkey on the cheap.

Discounts on turkey, sides, and more

According to Amazon, Whole Foods is offering Thanksgiving feasters marked down prices on two different frozen whole turkeys. The first, a traditional turkey, has had its price cut from $1.99 per pound to $1.49 per pound. The second, an organic bird, has had its price slashed from $2.99 per pound to $2.49 per pound. However, while the turkeys are the highlight of this discounted Thanksgiving bounty, Prime members can also earn an extra 10% discount on current on-sale Whole Foods items. Some of these deals include lower prices on the sweet potatoes needed for a perfect casserole and the butternut squash necessary for Thanksgiving's most sought-after side.

So if you're an Amazon Prime member, or just signed up to get in on the Turkey Day savings, Whole Foods reports that you'll need to download the Amazon or Whole Foods app to redeem these discounts. After you've done that, you'll only need to scan your app at the register to claim your savings.

However, it is important to keep in mind that while the sale on the other products listed on Amazon's discount list is ongoing, Whole Foods' marked-down turkey prices will only last until November 15. Luckily, even if you miss out on this Amazon Prime member deal, you can still take a look at the other grocers offering discounted gobbles to avoid an otherwise expensive Thanksgiving Day.