Gruyère Is The Rich, Salty Cheese You Need To Elevate Scalloped Potatoes

Baked scalloped potatoes — which consist of potato slices baked in a cheese and cream mixture — are basically the definition of comfort food. From the cheesy goodness to the delicious starchiness of the potatoes, there is so much to love about this dish. But not all scalloped potato dishes are equal — rather, there are plenty of ways to make your version stand above the rest. One of those tactics comes down to picking the right cheese.

Tasting Table's baked scalloped potatoes recipe uses Gruyère as its one and only cheese. Recipe developer Taylor Murray opted for Gruyère because of its nutty yet sweet flavor profile, which complements the potatoes and contributes to the dish's richness. Additionally, just as choosing the right cheese is important to the final outcome, it's also essential to prep the cheese using the best method. It makes a big difference if you take the time to grate the Gruyère yourself, instead of buying it pre-shredded.

What are good substitutes for Gruyère?

If you want to make this Gruyère baked scalloped potatoes recipe but can't get your hands on Gruyère, there's no need to fret — you can still make it work. Firstly, you'll want to select a type of cheese that has a similar flavor profile, since the nutty sweetness is what pairs so well with the rich potato dish. One great choice is Comté, a nutty and sweet cheese with notes of saltiness and smokiness. It won't impact the overall taste too much and it melts well just like Gruyère, which is important for this dish.

Another nutty-sweet cheese is Manchego, although it doesn't melt quite as well as Gruyère or Comté. Considering the dish bakes for a full hour, it shouldn't be a big issue. Parmesan also has the nuttiness and sweetness that we're looking for, but it doesn't melt particularly well. However, if it's freshly grated — which is already a requirement for the dish — you should have more success. It also helps if the Parmesan is fresh, so if you seek it out at a cheese shop, it may just do the job.