Cottage Cheese Unlocks The Creamiest Scrambled Eggs To Ever Exist

Cottage cheese is more than just a trendy ingredient on TikTok – it's a high-protein, low-fat dairy product that is packed full of vitamin B12 and calcium. And yet, the reasons to use it go far beyond nutrition. The ingredient somehow brings lightness, fluffiness, and richness to whatever recipe you add it to — and when you mix it into scrambled eggs, all these qualities result in an extra-creamy dish.

You may be surprised to discover the creamy quality that cottage cheese can bring, as it's sometimes shunned for its lumpy consistency. But while the curds themselves start out as solid lumps, many brands add cream or another type of thickener to make a smoother overall product, so it can add much-welcome texture to scrambled eggs while simultaneously providing creaminess. And if you're not a fan of the tang of cottage cheese on its own, the taste will mostly get masked by the eggs and seasonings you use, although the slight acidity perfectly balances out the richer elements of this dish.

How to make scrambled eggs with cottage cheese

If you're going for the creamiest scrambled eggs possible (and if you're incorporating cottage cheese, that's undoubtedly your goal), opt for a full-fat version of cottage cheese. Stir it into your eggs after you've cracked and whisked them but before you pour them onto a hot pan on the stove. Feel free to add any seasonings you normally like, which could include salt, pepper, chives, paprika, garlic powder, and onion powder, and scramble your eggs in a pan with butter over medium or medium-low heat.

You may run into a snag with the moisture content in your skillet, as cottage cheese lets go of some of its water when heated. If this happens, keep cooking until the water evaporates, and make sure to omit any added milk from your eggs during the initial whisking to keep the moisture content low. If the brand of cottage cheese you chose is pretty liquidy, however, you can also choose to stir it in as soon as you take your cooked scrambled eggs off the stove, which should keep the thick texture intact. But if you want an even creamier option and don't mind the extra step involved, blend your cottage cheese before using it to smooth out any lumps, and add in some shredded cheese right before your eggs are done. They'll be so rich, you won't even notice all the extra nutrients you're consuming.