See What Unexpected Sauce Flavor Bobby Flay Loves To Pair With Chicken

Mint may seem like an herb that is reserved for lamb, but, per the New York Times, Bobby Flay says you can use it in a sauce for your pan-roasted chicken. Mint is often described as a refreshing and sweet flavor, but it can also be overwhelming. Flay takes this into consideration, playing off of these characteristics by using contrasting tastes like spicy serrano chile, mustard, and black pepper to create a sauce for chicken that will give your tongue all the feels.

While the cooling effects of mint temper the heat, the Iron Chef also adds a touch of honey and parsley, which truly round out the flavor, creating an unexpected but delicious pairing for your bird. Still, cooking with mint can be intimidating, which is why Flay turns his herb into a paste. This is not only a great way to manage its taste, but mint tends to become sticky and thick when you let your food processor work its magic. 

Other minty pairings for chicken

If you like the way Flay's mint sauce tastes with chicken, you may want to try it in other recipes. Mint and chicken work well together in both curry and stir fry, but the trick is using other flavors that pair nicely with this herb's complex and strong nature. If you are not a fan of spicy but still want to enjoy a minty flavor with your chicken, this herb and honey can make for the perfect glaze for grilled chicken.

And don't forget the citrus. Lemon's tart nature also plays well with mint, serving as a yin to its yang, and can make for a lovely chicken tagine that will have you keep this dish on repeat in your menu lineup. However, lemon isn't the only citrus that goes well with mint. Try a mint and lime yogurt marinade for your next chicken experience, and if you want just a hint of that peppery spice, add a little cilantro to it.