Marcus Samuelsson Says This Is The Key To Perfect Deviled Eggs - Exclusive

Given his restaurants all over the world, it's no surprise that Marcus Samuelsson is a master of cooking a wide range of dishes. But one of the keys to being a good chef is the ability to take a simple and well-known dish and elevate it to new heights — and that's precisely what Samuelsson has done with the A-Town Deviled Eggs available at Marcus Bar & Grille in Atlanta. Deviled eggs are one of those dishes that seems simple, but they take true technique to get them right. If you're struggling with your own version, never fear — we spoke with Samuelsson in an exclusive interview about his recent pop-up, and during our conversation, he shared the key to perfect deviled eggs. 

Unsurprisingly, the first step is ensuring the eggs are cooked properly. "You've got to first make sure that you cook the egg to perfection, so it's firm, and getting the egg yolk out so it's nice," he told us. There are many techniques people use to make hard-boiled eggs, so use whichever method you find the most reliable. The goal here is for the egg to be cooked all the way through but also to come out of the shell without losing chunks of the white.

Texture is key

Once you're confident in how you're cooking your eggs, Marcus Samuelsson says it's not so much the flavors that go into them but the textures that make or break your deviled eggs. Once the egg whites have been hollowed out, it's time to address the yolks. "Cream it up so it's nice and smooth, and add that texture on top," he advised. The juxtaposition between the ultra-smooth egg yolk filling and the textural topping will create that elevated touch. "Great deviled eggs have layers to it where the egg's got to be cooked perfect, the creaminess of the yolks will be really nice, and then you want a garnish on top that has different contrast in terms of texture."

For the textural element, Samuelsson also gave us some suggestions: "It could be boiled peanuts, for example, or it could be chicken skin." But he clarified that it's up to you to have the freedom and creativity to add "things that you want."

Of course, texture isn't just important for deviled eggs — it plays a huge role in all of Samuelsson's cooking. He explained, "It's about textures, because so much of all the cooking is about sides and making sure that the sides both visually and textually wise also pop." Adding texture will engage multiple senses and ultimately improve any dish, so try it with your deviled eggs and enjoy the upgrade.