Top Your Sweet Potato Pie With S'mores Fixings For An Ultra-Rich Dessert

Pumpkin and apple are usually the first things that come to mind when talking about fall harvests, but let's not forget sweet potato. This root vegetable is surprisingly versatile, especially in the realm of desserts. The perfect proof? Sweet potato pie — a quintessential autumnal treat that offers just as much indulgence as it does comfort. And if that isn't enough, you can always top it off with some s'mores ingredients for full-on, irresistible decadence.

As expected, this combination is sweetness overload, but in a good way. The roasted marshmallows are soft and pleasant with a nostalgic burnt undertone that brings back those fireside memories. Meanwhile, the sweet potatoes are saccharine but also earthy and nutty. These notes go together in perfect harmony, creating toothsome swirls of flavors that melt right onto your taste buds. Texture-wise, it's heaven for those who like their desserts ultra-rich and luscious. Given sweet potatoes' starchy, dense nature, the pie itself already is quite thick and creamy. With the s'mores laid over top, every bite brings ooey-gooey goodness that wonderfully contrasts the crumbliness of the crust. Also, there's no denying what a visual stunner the pie is with a pile of toasted marshmallows on top. It's a sight that never fails to captivate the eyes (and perhaps even the palate).

S'mores and sweet potato pie - an unexpected match made in heaven

If you're aiming for a fuss-free approach, simply placing the marshmallows on top of the pie after it's baked should do the trick. Then, you can use a kitchen torch to gently toast them until they turn brown around the edges and slightly melt into one another. If you don't have the utensil, another option would be to give the marshmallows a quick bake for a few minutes. Have a bit of time on your hands and don't mind the extra work? Make a meringue frosting for a smoother richness and to add a touch of luxury to the pie's homemade simplicity.

Taking things one step further, you can also drizzle a bit of melted chocolate over the s'mores topping. These two ingredients often make a dessert dream team that rarely disappoints. Or, sprinkle in spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, ground cloves, etc. for a hint of that classic fall warmth. For those who like a bit of crunchiness, crushed nuts are fantastic choices. It could be pistachio, macadamia, almond, pecan, walnut, or anything else that your heart desires.