For Better Frozen Pizza Crust, Brush It With Some Olive Oil

When you're in need of a quick hunger fix, tackling those supreme cravings doesn't get much easier than heating up a frozen pizza. An important weapon to have in your kitchen arsenal, these pre-made provisions are the shortest distance between you and a tasty slice of Italian-American fare. However, you may have noticed that sometimes flavor quality is compromised in the name of convenience, and that can leave your tastebuds feeling underwhelmed. After all, frozen pizza does have the unfortunate reputation of generally possessing a cardboard-flavored crust. The good news is, an elevated experience is easy to achieve. When leveling up your pizza crust, olive oil is all you need to do the trick.

Olive oil dresses up the taste of your pizza crust, adding savory depth and potentially flavorful notes, depending on the variety you prefer to use. It takes the dull and uninspired crust and quickly transforms it into a palatable crust with a touch of fresh-baked flair. But you have to make sure the olive oil goes on at the right time to avoid ruining your pizza and making a big mess.

Wait until it's partially cooked

Similar to an egg wash orĀ milk wash, a quick brush of olive oil promotes browning and deepens the flavor of bread during baking. It's very simple to do and all you need is a pastry brush and your choice of olive oil. To perform this frozen pizza magic trick, you'll simply brush the olive oil around the entire border of the pizza and leave the oven to do the rest. It's important to note, however, that olive oil can burn when left at high temperatures for too long. According to California Olive Ranch, high-quality olive oil will burn at about 410 degrees Fahrenheit. Because of this, if you're baking a frozen pizza at a typical 425 Fahrenheit, you can minimize the burn risk by brushing on the olive oil toward the end of the cooking time (with about 5 minutes or so left to cook). Just be sure to remove the pizza from the oven first to avoid spilling oil inside your hot oven.

You can even add seasonings such as basil, garlic, and oregano to your olive oil before brushing. This will further enhance the flavor of the crust and deliver an overall more premium-tasting experience.

So the next time you're in the mood for this timeless classic, be sure to remember this one simple step that will upgrade your entire crust. And don't stop at the olive oil, check out more of our frozen pizza hacks to help you step up your game and make your quick hunger fixes taste homemade!