How Fried Beer Came Into Existence Because Of The State Fair Of Texas

It took several years for Mark Zable to figure out how to deep-fry beer, but his persistence paid off. Thanks to Zable, chewy, ravioli-shaped morsels can be snacked on both at state fairs and at home, and the culinary creation has not only won awards but captured the hearts and mouths of carnival-goers across America.

"Fried beer's exactly like it sounds," Zable told NPR. "I've taken dough, put beer in it and deep-fried it." The ravioli-shaped pieces of fried batter were first showcased at the 2010 Texas State Fair, and the yeasty, bready pieces quickly found favor among hungry fairgoers who sipped pints while chowing down on the fried recipe. While the beer-flavored nuggets are fun to dip into condiments and pop into your mouth, perfecting the liquid-filled center wasn't an easy task. 

"Putting a liquid into a fryer is a really bad idea. As soon as liquid hits the fryer, it causes it to, you know, spit and boil hot oil everywhere," Zable admitted. A food scientist eventually came to the rescue, and Zable began a new approach.

A snack designed for mature palates

Zable was tight-lipped about the specifics of the recipe when interviewed, yet food bloggers have set out to replicate the recipe at home using pasta dough and filling the pieces with beer before deep-frying the liquid-packed pockets to golden, crispy perfection. Pasta molds can be helpful, and the filled morsels must be handled carefully before frying. 

The dough can be flavored to complement the beer of your choosing, but sometimes less is more, and a bit of salt is all you need to let these crunchy, satisfying morsels shine. To double down on your indulgent treat, top your dish with shreds of sharp cheddar or provolone cheese and serve with a side of your favorite spicy mustard or homemade ketchup. For a sweeter touch and a more mature version of a funnel cake, pair your Guinness-filled mini pastries with sprinkles of powdered sugar and cinnamon. No matter where you are in the world, you, too, may feel like you're at a carnival.