The Easiest Way To Elevate The Flavor Of Canned French Onion Soup

For the days when you're too tired to cook but need something hearty, comfort food is just a grocery delivery and microwave away. Why whip out the pots and pans when there's ready-made food to do the work for you? Sure, canned French onion soup won't taste exactly like the real thing, but with a few tweaks, you can elevate this classic canned soup.

Caramelizing the onions for soup is a lengthy process. To elevate the canned version, quickly saute fresh onions, instead. Cook the thinly sliced onions in butter until they start to soften and take on a golden brown color, which indicates their sweet taste. The process only takes a few minutes and infuses French onion soup with a rich, decadent taste. A sprinkle of gruyere or provolone on top melts into the soup perfectly, lending the dish a bold, nutty taste. Scoop everything up with some toasted slices of baguette and enjoy the simple, yet comforting dish.

Other simple tricks to elevate canned French onion soup

French onion is a canned soup you should always have in your pantry. Not only does it taste great on its own, but it's so easy to spruce up. With stock already being a main ingredient, you can up the meaty flavor by simmering the canned soup on the stovetop with extra beef stock. To push it even further, crush a bouillon cube and sprinkle in salt to taste.

Bring a fresh, earthy flair to the canned soup by adding herbs as it cooks. Some fresh rosemary or thyme brings a woody, peppery taste to the soup, complementing the umami flavor of the beef stock. With a splash of balsamic vinegar and green onions or fresh basil as a garnish, the canned soup is transformed from a grocery store original into a gourmet dish. Infusing the soup with a richer taste is as easy as quickly sauteing crushed garlic before pouring the soup in. Some soft, buttery garlic sauteed in earthy olive oil is the perfect addition to enrich canned French onion soup.