Make One Extra Cut To Squeeze Citrus Wedges Without A Mess

Citrus fruits bring a delightful zest and brightness to various dishes and beverages. From the zing of lemon enhancing the flavors of a grilled fish, the sweet-tart essence of orange juice in a morning smoothie, to the refreshing tang of lime in a summery citrus cocktail, the versatility is undeniably vast. However, juicing these fruits by squeezing often presents a minor yet pesky nuisance of the juice spraying in all directions, resulting in unnecessary mess and waste. A practical hack to optimize this process is simply making one extra cut on the citrus wedge.

After the initial preparations of halving the fruit and slicing it into thin wedges, take each piece and create a small cut across the middle of the flesh at a perpendicular angle to the length of the wedge. Ensure this slit goes through the flesh but doesn't split the wedge entirely. This technique provides better control over the direction of the juice flow, allowing for precise aiming into containers or onto foods, maintaining a clean and tidy workspace while preventing the wastage of any of that precious tangy fluid.

Get the most out of your citrus fruit

Another practical method to maximize juice extraction from citrus is warming them slightly before cutting and squeezing. Cold citrus fruits tend to hold onto their juice more stubbornly than those at room temperature or slightly warmer. By gently warming it, you can make the fruit's interior more pliable and yielding, allowing for more juice to be extracted. If your citrus are refrigerated, simply let them sit at room temperature for a while before juicing them. Alternatively, you could place the fruits in warm water for a few minutes. Microwaving the fruits for a short time, around 10 to 20 seconds, is another efficient way to warm them up.

Warming the citrus fruits is not just about temperature. It is also about making the membranes inside the fruit softer and more flexible. This ensures that with each squeeze, you are getting the maximum amount of juice possible. In combination with the extra-cut technique, warming the fruits can significantly improve your juicing process, making it more efficient and yielding, ensuring that no precious juice goes to waste.