Coffee Mate Debuts New Bottled Iced Coffees In 2 Classic Flavors

For those who love iced coffee and convenience, Coffee Mate, widely known for its range of dairy-free flavored creamers, has just launched its first-ever bottled iced coffee offerings. Coffee enthusiasts can enjoy two flavors: french vanilla and caramel. In a Facebook announcement, Coffee Mate states its iced coffee is smooth and "balanced with the rich taste of Coffee Mate creamer." To enjoy its new iced coffee, one has to simply pour it into a glass with ice.

Coffee Mate's venture into the bottled iced coffee segment is unsurprising: Coffee's popularity and commercial success see no seasonal dips and remains a favorite beverage year-round for Americans. According to CivicScience data, around 85% of American adults drink coffee, and the love for iced coffee has steadily increased over the years. In addition, Starbucks sells more iced beverages than hot drinks, as hot drinks, per Insider, account for only 25% of their beverage sales.

As of October 23, 2023, Coffee Mate's new product line hasn't appeared on the official Coffee Mate website. But, for those eager to get their hands on it, these bottled iced coffees have already graced the refrigerated sections of grocery stores nationwide, per Facebook.

Coffee Mate made a smooth move as Americans love their iced coffee

As soon as Coffee Mate announced their new iced coffee on their Facebook page, the brand's devoted followers swiftly shared their thoughts and hopes. The initial feedback towards the new offering appears largely positive, suggesting that Coffee Mate might have another hit product line on their hands.

The unveiling has also sparked a flurry of suggestions. Coffee Mate loyalists are already requesting "sugar-free" iterations, caffeine-free versions, and a possible cold-brew variant. As for flavors, coffee and Coffee Mate lovers have hazelnut and pumpkin spice on their wishlists, with both flavors already being cherished selections within Coffee Mate's creamer range. Considering the brand's historic receptiveness to customer feedback, an expansion in the iced coffee lineup in response to these requests seems probable. 

Coffee Mate's latest venture could capitalize on the immense popularity of bottled iced coffee brands, akin to Starbucks, which frequently faces stock shortages, much to the chagrin of online communities like Reddit. As the coffee beverage market continues to surge, Coffee Mate's bold and robust move underlines its commitment to adapting and satisfying the dynamic preferences of coffee lovers across the U.S.