Homemade Yogurt Is Easier And More Affordable Than You Think

When shopping in the dairy aisle at the store, it's common to just grab what you need without giving the origin of the products a second thought. After placing vanilla yogurt for your morning parfait and non-fat Greek for the post-gym pick-me-up in your cart, you move on to the next section. But despite the endless options, there's nothing like making your own yogurt at home.

Making homemade yogurt may conjure up images of churning butter by hand or milking a stubborn cow. However, it's actually quite simple and completely affordable. With only two ingredients, practically anyone can make it. Simply heat a few cups of whole milk on the stove until it reaches 180 degrees Fahrenheit and then pour it into a bowl and allow it to reach about 100 to 115 degrees Fahrenheit.

Once it reaches the ideal temperature, mix in a packet of starter yogurt or some scoops of store-bought yogurt that contain active, live cultures. Pour the yogurt back into the pot and wrap it with a large towel to keep it warm. You can also keep it on a heating pad or store it in the oven with the light turned on. Allow it to sit for eight to 12 hours and then chill it in the fridge before serving.

Can you make Greek yogurt at home?

Making Greek yogurt follows the exact same steps, except it involves straining at the end. After the yogurt sits in a warm place, put a cheesecloth into a bowl. Next, pour the yogurt in and let it cool in the fridge for a few hours. From there, you should check on it every now and then to ensure it's reached your desired thickness.

If you want to guarantee your homemade yogurt turns out right each time, make it in an Instant Pot. The appliance has a yogurt setting that simplifies the entire process. When making Instant Pot yogurt, you can set it to "boil" to instantly heat the milk to the right temperature.

Homemade yogurt has a tangy taste that could take a while to adjust to if you don't eat plain Greek yogurt. To sweeten it, mix in some maple syrup or jam prior to eating it. You can also add strained fruit puree to mimic the taste of fruit yogurt. Store it in an airtight container in the refrigerator and use it within two weeks.