13 Best Beverage Advent Calendars For 2023

Fall has barely started and Halloween is a ways away, but, believe it or not, it's time to start thinking about the holidays. If you're a fan of advent calendars, and, honestly, who isn't, then now is the time to start perusing the multiple possibilities available to you. And when we say multiple, we're not kidding. There are chocolate advent calendars, jam calendars, Harry Potter advent calendars, beauty advent calendars, stationary calendars, and even toiletry calendars — just to name a few. But since we love beverages, especially during the holidays, we decided to focus on the numerous advents that are strictly imbibe-worthy.

While we love a good cocktail as much as the next person, liquor isn't the only option when it comes to drinkable advent calendars. We found coffee, tea, and even hot chocolate options. Of course, there are plenty of liquor versions out there, but if you think you're limited to whiskey or vodka, think again. There are wine, Champagne, beer, hard seltzer, and even a DIY option if none of the others interest you. Read on to discover some of our favorites and to guarantee yourself a very merry holiday season.

Keurig - 24 Cups of Cheer

Coffee pods are all the rage these days, and if you're a fan of the pod, odds are you're familiar with Keurig. You may even own one, which means you know how simple it is to brew up a cup first thing in the morning: Just drop in your favorite pod, turn it on, and voilà. A nice, hot cup of joe. And while we love the Keurig for its convenience, the real reason we can't get enough of the K-cup coffee pod is because of the number of flavors available.

There are classics like Donut Shop and Green Mountain, but today you can get anything from Dunkin' to McDonald's. Even Starbucks and Peet's have K-cups. And while we all have our favorites, every so often we like to step out of our comfort zone and try something new. It's for this reason (not to mention the cuteness behind the packaging) that we love Keurig's 24 Cups of Cheer advent calendar. Not only do you get a new pod every day all the way through Christmas Eve, but the advent includes the pods we mentioned along with some of the newer additions to the Keurig family: Caribou, Krispy Kreme, and Kahlua. And at under $20, we're sure you'll have 24 cups of good cheer.

Yawn Brew - Coffee Advent Calendar

If you prefer to brew your coffee the old-fashioned way in a pot on the stove, with a French Press, espresso maker, or Chemex, then Yawn Brew's coffee advent calendar may be the way to go. Start each December morning by popping open one of the calendar's 24 windows to find a different kind of coffee. The calendar comes in two options: whole bean or ground. So, if you like to grind your own, go with the beans. But if you prefer your coffee already ground, you get to choose what form those grounds come in so they'll work with whatever type of coffee maker you have at home.

But it's the variety in this advent that really excites us. There are 24 different coffees from 17 different countries, including Kenya, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Honduras, Sumatra, Vietnam, India, and Nicaragua. But the best thing about this advent is that all the coffee will be super fresh. Each packet, no matter if you choose beans or ground, will be freshly roasted and packaged every week starting this month, which means not one single envelope will hold any stale beans or grounds. Since you'll be getting fresh coffee from around the world, this advent is a little more expensive than the Keurig. But at $58.99, we think it's totally worth it.

DavidsTea - 24 Trips with Tea

Even though we love our coffee, every so often we prefer a cup of tea, especially if it's loose leaf, which is why we're so intrigued with DavidsTea 24 Trips with Tea. Not only do we appreciate all the tea options from black to green, and caffeinated to herbal, but there's nothing better on a chilly morning or evening than a nice hot cup of tea, especially when a spoonful of honey is added to sweeten it up.

We understand that there's nothing easier than grabbing a tea bag and plopping it in a cup of hot water, waiting a few minutes, and having the perfect cup. But just because something is easier, doesn't mean it's better. That's why when we don't have anywhere to be and we really want to relish those exotic flavors, we opt for the loose leaf. Loose leaf means a higher quality and more flavorful tea, and you get that with this advent. One sip and you'll be transported to some distant land. Curious about Vietnam? Savor the Saigon Chai. Dying to go on safari? You might enjoy the North African Mint. You could even prep for those sugar plum fairies with a hot cup of Chamomile Dreamland. And since each pouch contains two 8-ounce servings, there's enough tea to share with a friend or enjoy yourself all the way through New Year's.

Vahdam India - 24 Teas of Christmas

There's nothing better than taking a moment for yourself and making a nice pot of tea. Unfortunately, most of us don't have the time with today's busy hustle and bustle. But if you still want to grab a cup to go, the easiest way to make it is with a tea bag. A tea bag is a wonderful option because you don't need any special tools and there's no measuring involved. Just grab your favorite tea, drop it in your mug, and be on your way.

If you're worried you won't have the same amount of variety with a tea bag as you would with loose leaf, Vahdam puts that concern to rest with its India Tea Bag advent calendar. Inside this beautiful red and gold advent are 24 different types of tea from all over India. There are herbal teas of chamomile, rose, and even pumpkin spice. Ginger and mint can be found in the green tea bags, and there's even a white tea from the Himalayas. Flavors like this are guaranteed to make your spirits bright.

Williams Sonoma - 12 Days of Hot Cocoa

Who doesn't love a steaming cup of hot chocolate on a cold night or morning? And if there are marshmallows or marshmallow fluff floating on top, even better. So, for the kids in your life or if you're just a kid at heart, Williams Sonoma has its 12 Days of Hot Cocoa calendar.

Unlike other calendars that might have different hot chocolate brands, Williams Sonoma's advent focuses on its exclusive Dutch-process hot chocolate. But just because it's the cooking company's brand, doesn't mean there aren't plenty of options hiding behind those 12 doors. Turns out, there are actually six different flavors to choose from. Like a little bitter bite to your chocolate? Try the dark. Prefer a hint of nuts? There's a hazelnut pouch. And since the holidays wouldn't be the holidays without a stick or two of peppermint, there are a couple of peppermint packets, as well. With three other flavors to choose from, odds are you'll discover a twist on the classic drink that will both surprise and delight you.

In Good Taste - 2023 Wine Advent Calendar

If you're a wine drinker, odds are you have a few bottles in the fridge. While those bottles are your favorites, maybe you're ready to stretch your wine wings and try something new. Maybe you've only ever had whites and are ready to sample a red. Maybe you love domestic varieties but want to try something international. No matter which wine camp you fall in, In Good Taste has the advent calendar for you.

Opened in 2020, In Good Taste's owners wanted to make wine more accessible to the average wine drinker. They started with wine flights of six or eight servings, and in three short years have expanded to selling full-sized bottles and advent calendars. Those advent calendars give both the knowledgeable and novice drinkers the chance to try something new. But what we really like about this advent is that In Good Taste doesn't focus on just one varietal. There are whites, reds, and rosés in the box. Even better, these wines aren't just from California. There are wines from countries all over the world.

Each bottle is a healthy 187 milliliters, which is enough for two 3-ounce pours. For no extra fee, starting December 1st, In Good Taste will send the recipient an email every day detailing each bottle, what to pair with it, and how to drink it.

Maker Wine - 12 Days of Canned Wine

Nothing beats enjoying a meal with friends and family outdoors. While you typically see this during the spring or summer, there's no rule against hosting an outdoor dinner party in the fall or winter as well. It could even make a great holiday affair, especially if it's a potluck. But food isn't the only thing necessary to make this the perfect dining experience. There should be something to drink as well, and nothing is better for an outdoor get-together than cans of your favorite spirit.

Maker Wine knows this all too well, which is why this holiday season its setting you up with its 12 Days of Canned Wine advent calendar. What makes this calendar different is that each canned wine comes from a small female or minority-led winery. You won't find any big names in this box. Instead, you'll get to sample a mix of red, white, rosé, and sparkling wines from several different award-winning vineyards. And since each can holds about two glasses of wine, it's the perfect way to enjoy the 12 days of Christmas with your favorite wine aficionado.

City Brew Tours - Hoppy Holiday Beer Boxes

If you prefer carbonation and hops to vintages and grapes then you definitely want to check out City Brew Tours' Hoppy Holiday Beer Boxes. Unlike all the other advent calendars we found, City Brews Tours sets itself apart by doing an advent for both Christmas and Hanukkah, which means you have a choice of eight nights or 12 days of beer. So, if you or a friend loves every type of beer out there, we'd recommend this calendar because of its unique variety. There isn't a single name brand inside these boxes. Instead, you'll find beers from some of the smaller breweries around the country. Everything from a stout to an ale, a lager to an IPA will be hidden behind each door.

But what makes these boxes really stand out is that each night comes with a live online discussion about the beer of the evening. So, not only do you get to try something new, but you'll get to share your opinions with others enjoying the same can. You may even get to speak to the brewers themselves. Now, if that isn't the perfect present for each and every beer lover, we don't know what is. Sure, they'll have to open their present early, but boy will it be worth it.

Costco - Brewer's Advent Calendar

Spending money and the holidays go together like mistletoe and holly. So, if we can find a great deal during this festive time of year, we're going to grab it. One place we're sure to always find a bargain is Costco, and the Brewer's Advent Calendar is one of the best deals out there, especially if you like German beer. Just like years past, this year's calendar has 24 different beers from a variety of family-owned breweries all over Germany.

While there is some overlap with last year's advent calendar, the 2023 advent promises a handful of new options. We only have one issue with Costco's advent: Unlike the others on this list which you can order online, the only way to get your hands on Costco's calendar is if you head over to the store and pick it up yourself. The other thing to keep in mind is that depending on which warehouse you go to, the contents of the calendar could change. Even though the beers will all still be from Germany, one may have several lagers while another may only have pilsners. But at a jolly $70 per box, we're sure whatever beers you get will turn even the grumpiest Scrooge into a happy old soul.

Flaviar - Whiskey Advent Calendar

Anyone who knows a thing or two about whiskey will appreciate this advent calendar from Flaviar, the website that prides itself on bringing the best of the spirit world to those who love to imbibe the hard stuff. Even though Flaviar carries unusual labels from each spirit, it has an ample library of whiskeys, which is why if you're going to buy a whiskey advent calendar, this is the one to buy.

It doesn't matter if you prefer straight American whiskey, bourbon, rye, or scotch because they're all included in this beautiful box. Flaviar has gone above and beyond including 24 different award-winning high-end whiskeys from eight countries around the world. Each pour comes in its own 50-milliliter bottle, and to ensure that each sip garners you the maximum amount of flavor, this advent also includes not one, but two Glencairn glasses, the perfect glass for tasting and sipping the brown liquor.

The thing that sets this advent apart from others like it is that everyone who purchases the Flaviar advent, gets a free one-year Flaviar Black Membership. That means if you just have to have a bottle of one of the prime whiskeys you sampled, all you have to do is log onto Flaviar's website, place your order at a discounted price, and in a week or two, it'll be at your door. If that's not a gift that keeps on giving, we don't know what is.

Drinks By The Dream - The Old and Rare Whisky Advent Calendar

For the whiskey lover who has everything, may we present The Old and Rare Whisky Advent Calendar. Made up of some of the finest single malt scotches and Irish whiskeys money can buy, this calendar holds 24 different 1-ounce drams. Each taster is either very old or almost impossible to find unless you make a trip to the distillery itself. Some are aged in wine barrels, some are at least 25 years old, and there are even a few drams worth well over $1,000. It's for this reason that this calendar is the most expensive on the list, coming in at a cool $1,500.

We know that may seem like a lot for an advent calendar, but considering some of the special whiskeys inside, we think it's worth it. While there isn't any Pappy, there are a few names you'll recognize, including a 15-year-old Laphroaig, a 21-year-old Glenlivet, a 30-year-old Glenfiddich, and a Bushmills that was aged in port barrels for over 20 years. With samples like these, and a beautiful Glencairn glass with which to sip them, any whiskey fan who receives this gift will be in absolute heaven.

Give Them Beer - Hard Seltzer Advent Calendar

Hard seltzers have become all the rage in recent years since you can take them anywhere and they're so easy to drink. So, it came as no surprise that there's an advent calendar out there full of them. Thanks to Give Them Beer, you get 12 days of hard seltzers, making this the perfect hostess gift for any upcoming holiday party.

Coming in a bright, Christmas-red box, you'll definitely feel the holiday spirit as you open each door to discover an incredible variety of seltzers inside. While you'll find some of the most popular hard seltzer brands like Truly, White Claw, and Topo Chico, there are a few smaller, up-and-coming brands such as Boulevard and Happy Dad hidden behind those doors, as well.

It's that variety that really excites us about this calendar. See, 12 different cans means we get to sample 12 different seltzers without fear. Since there's only one of each brand, you needn't have any concerns if it's not to your liking; you can just dump it and move on to the next one. But if you find a new favorite, then you know where to start your search for your next party.

Cocktail & Sons - 12 Days of Cocktails

Whether you're a budding home mixologist or someone who prefers to abstain from liquor, Cocktail & Sons has the perfect advent for you with the 12 Days of Cocktails calendar. We know it sounds like a box full of ready-to-drink cocktails, but what this advent calendar actually contains are 12 different cocktails syrups. With flavors like Berry Sage, Green Tea Lychee, Satsuma Honey, and Mango Chipotle, you can create any drink you desire from a unique green tea martini to a spicy mango margarita.

But if you don't like alcohol or want to head into Dry January with something a little more interesting than ginger ale or cranberry and soda, then Cocktail & Sons has you covered there, as well. Syrups aren't the only thing hiding inside this box. There's also a 36-page cocktail book featuring three different recipes for each syrup. So, depending on how hard you want to work for your beverage, you could follow the easy or more advanced cocktail recipe or lose the liquor altogether and follow the non-alcoholic recipe for a tasty tipple. And since each bottle makes at least three drinks, this box should help elevate your cocktails all the way through New Year's.