When To Pour Canned Wine Vs. Drink It In The Can

Canned wine has become a convenient, easy-to-pour, and transportable option for fans of red, white, and rose alike, but there is a time and a place for cracking open a can of your favorite blend. For those special moments when you'd like to enjoy the particular nuances and unique textures of both a wine's aroma and taste, taking the extra step to pour your selected label into a glass can make a noticeable difference in your wine-tasting experience. A wine glass gives your olfactory senses easier access to what you're drinking, just as if you had poured that crisp orange wine right out of a bottle.

Yet life happens and sometimes you're on the go, stationed at a backyard picnic, or out hiking with friends. This is one of the major appeals of wine that comes (and stays) in a can: It's always accessible, and you're not meant to feel lesser than for cracking one open and toasting to the good life. 

When convenience counts

If it's an available option, you're pretty much always better off pouring your canned wine into a glass. But canned winemakers understand that not every occasion is suitable for glassware. It may not be reasonable to expect yourself to stash a sturdy and appropriately-shaped wine glass in your backpack for the afternoon picnic you're heading to. Instead of risking a cracked stem and pieces of glass in your bag, you can relax and enjoy the moment sipping directly from your wine can. 

Plus, with a shelf life of nearly a year and a half, canned wine can be a solid purchase when you're preparing to accommodate larger social gatherings or simply want to be ready for unannounced visitors showing up to your summer barbecue. Canned wines are also easy to distribute among guests, and pre-measured serving sizes can help moderate intake so you won't have to keep a watchful eye on any friends who keep topping themselves off despite always seeming to have a full glass of Chardonnay. Here's to basking in and toasting the pleasures of modern inventions, one can at a time.