Marcus Samuelsson Gave Us The Details On His New Restaurant Metropolis - Exclusive

We are all waiting with bated breath for the newest project from extraordinary chef Marcus Samuelsson to fully open. Samuelsson has established restaurant projects all over the world, including the much-celebrated Red Rooster in New York. But the new restaurant, Metropolis, is a combined effort between Samuelsson and Executive Chef Ed Tinoco. It's located in the Perelman Performing Arts Center in New York City and will feature a spectacular lighting design by David Rockwell and geometric designs throughout. 

Right now, the restaurant is open on a limited basis, with a menu of light snacks and bottled drinks, as well as a selection of wines. We spoke with Samuelsson about the restaurant during an exclusive interview to get the details — starting with the basics of when guests can expect a full opening. "We're getting closer," Samuelsson told us. "I know it's going to come down to early November. We're really excited about it."

The new venue is a 'love letter to New York City'

With so many different restaurants out there, Marcus Samuelsson says the thing that sets Metropolis apart is how this restaurant could only exist in this city. "We feel like it's a love letter to New York City," he said. "We feel this is a New York City restaurant that we can't wait to introduce to the city." While this obviously applies to the ambiance of the restaurant and its placement in a performing arts center, the menu choices go deeper. Samuelsson explained that they were "inspired by the farmers market and the seasonality of the city," which will bring a unique quality to the menu that goes beyond the stereotypical New York City food scene. And of course, the bar will be well stocked with local beer and thoughtfully selected wines.

If this whets your appetite, rest assured that Samuelsson is just as eager to see the opening of Metropolis. "Right now we're focused on [and] excited to bring Metropolis to the city. We worked on it for a very long time. Chef Ed [Tinco] and I and the entire team ... We worked on the menu and the beverage program, and we want to start."

Samuelsson's Marcus Bar & Grille pop-up ended on Sunday, October 15. To keep up with Marcus Samuelsson's latest projects and future events, follow him on Instagram.