A Moveable Cart Is Key For Easily Organizing A Small Kitchen

Apartment-dwelling foodies know all too well that space valuable, especially in the kitchen. To compound the conundrum, if you have a roommate (or three), every inch of space is disputed territory — we see you, New Yorkers. When you find yourself needing a little extra counter or storage space, look no further than a moveable cart. These little workhorses make for a perfect space-saving storage solution. They utilize vertical space without necessitating a big hole drilled in the wall, making them renter-friendly. If you already have a kitchen island, you might even be able to tuck the cart beneath it and keep it out of the way when not in use.

Perhaps the model that first comes to mind is the Pinterest-famous Ikea RÅSKOG utility cart. It has three-tiers, is set on rollers, and comes in a variety of colors to match your kitchen. It's also relatively cheap and is made of metal, which makes for easy cleaning. If you want a cart with a flat surface that can double as extra counter space, you can look into the Gatefield rolling kitchen cart, for example. This cart has a slightly higher price when compared to the Ikea cart, but it might be worth the markup if an extra solid workspace is your top priority. Then again, you can transform any moveable cart into a solid work surface by simply laying a thick cutting board across the top.

A tiny workhorse, or work pony

Admittedly, the one potential drawback of popping a movable cart in your kitchen is that it's open storage, which means that without proper organization, it runs the risk of looking like a cluttered mess. Luckily, with a little careful planning, a movable cart can be a centerpiece rather than an eyesore.

As a general rule, don't use your movable cart to store miscellaneous items. Loose odds and ends like old spatulas or your third can-opener belong tucked away in a gadget drawer. Only keep the visually appealing stuff out in the open. You could use your moveable cart as a dedicated storage space for your dried goods. Bonus points if you put your flour, oats, sugar, and uncooked spaghetti in matching airtight containers for aesthetically pleasing organization.

For avid home mixologists, a movable cart could be a great place to store (and easily access) all of your liqueurs and simple syrups, allowing you to gaze upon those adorable apothecary-style glass bottles. Or, if tea is more your style, a cart would make a super cute space to simultaneously display and store all of your loose-leaf beauties in one place.