13 Party Snacks To Pair With A Gin And Tonic

Everyone loves a good party. While having the opportunity to socialize and let loose with your friends and family is the most important part of any gathering, the drinks and snacks are a close second. If you're hosting a party, having a signature cocktail to build your menu around can help you ensure that everything works flawlessly together. You don't have to go too crazy with your drink creation either — a simple gin and tonic is sure to be a hit. This classic drink combo is simultaneously sweet, bitter, and botanical, which can make finding snacks that pair well with its complex flavors seem like a challenge. But don't let that stop you!  

There are actually a plethora of party-friendly snacks out there that fit the bill, and we're here to fill you in on all the best gin and tonic snack pairings. From simple finger food to classy, elegant treats, there is a range of tasty snacks you can serve at your next gin and tonic-centric party.

1. Berry skewers

While plenty of people stick a lemon or lime wedge on the rim of their gin and tonic glass and call it a day, other true gin fanatics garnish their drink with a handful of fresh berries. Adding berries to the beverage is clearly a beautiful touch, but there's more to the pairing than just aesthetics, as berries pair beautifully with a variety of gins.

Gins tend to taste sharp and botanical, and most feature heavy notes of juniper. The sweetness of the berries balances out the strong flavor of the spirit, and they also pair well with tonic, which is famously bittersweet. While having a few berries floating in your glass is great, serving berries as a party snack is even better. Not only will berries taste great with G&Ts, but most guests will also appreciate having a healthy option to balance out the not-so-healthy food choices that are usually present at parties. We highly recommend serving them on a skewer rather than straight out of a bowl, since doing so will make them a lot easier (and more fun) to eat.

2. Cheese plate

If you ask us, a party isn't complete without a good cheese plate. While wine might be the beverage that initially comes to mind when you think about pairing a beverage with a cheese plate, we promise that when you pick the right cheeses, a gin and tonic works just as well.

Some pairings work because they feature similar flavors, but others work because they combine total opposites. The latter is true in this case since pairing cheese with a G&T means combining sweet, bitter, and salty. The beverage is far from subtle since juniper is gin's main flavor, which means you need to opt for cheeses that can stand up to the gin rather than being overpowered by its flavorful strength.

We like pungent cheeses like blue cheese, camembert, and even brie. If super-strong cheeses aren't your thing (or you have picky guests), you can also try something like manchego or pecorino.

3. Cured meats

Something about cured meats makes any party feel a little more special. Prosciutto, salami, and chorizo are all delicious options to have on offer for your non-vegetarian guests. Cured meats are also great to serve or bring to a party because there's no cooking required — just arrange them nicely on a wooden cutting board or party tray and you're good to go!

Luckily, most cured meats taste incredible alongside a classic gin and tonic. The sharpness of the gin and enjoyable bitterness of the tonic cut through the rich fattiness of the meat, which results in a balanced and delicious pairing. The effervescence of the beverage will also help prevent the meats from feeling too heavy and rich. Don't skip on the citrus garnish if you're pairing your G&T with cured meats since the added hit of acidity and brightness will really make the combination shine. We also recommend opting for a gin that features prominent notes of citrus when you're pairing it with cured meats. 

4. Salted nuts

There's a reason why bars often serve salted nuts alongside cocktails — and you should take a page out of their books the next time you're trying to decide what to serve at a party or special gathering. Nuts are a great food to eat while socializing since you don't need a fork or knife, and you can causally graze while you chat and enjoy other people's company. They're also (obviously) salty, which keeps people drinking and can help get the party started if that's your goal.

It's another pairing that's all about balancing opposing flavors. Salty, nutty flavors are ideal foils for sweet, bitter, botanical ones, which is why a G&T is such a great thing to sip on if you're enjoying this classic party snack. While plain salted nuts are an easy crowd-pleaser, don't be afraid to serve more adventurous flavors. Chili-spiced nuts or rosemary-flavored nuts are delicious options to consider as well.

5. Shrimp cocktail

If you're serving gin and tonics at your party, you're already working to curate a classy, elegant atmosphere (at least in terms of beverages). You can add to this chic vibe by serving an undeniably elegant food option alongside your drinks — shrimp cocktail. This seafood classic is the perfect example of how simple, quality ingredients can taste incredible, and they're made even better when they're served with the perfect G&T.

Once again, you may think that a crisp, light white wine is the only thing to pair with seafood. While we can't deny the delicious nature of that pairing, trust us when we tell you that a gin and tonic can also do the trick. You can conceptualize this one by thinking of it as a kind of "land and sea" pairing since gin is herbaceous, botanical, and even woody.

Don't forget the cocktail sauce and lemons when you serve your shrimp cocktail. Both will add much-needed acidity and zing to the overall combo.

6. Cucumber sandwhiches

These delicate bites aren't just for tea parties. While a cucumber sandwich is an excellent pairing for a good cup of tea, it's also an ideal pairing for a crisp gin and tonic. Our favorite refreshing cucumber sandwich recipe is simple and features a cream cheese-based spread, soft white bread, and, of course, cucumbers. All you need to do to prep them for your party is assemble the ingredients and cut them into cute little triangles (we don't make the rules, but they taste better this way).

While most gins work well with a cucumber sandwich's relatively mild and accommodating flavors, you can make this pairing even better by using a cucumber-forward gin, or even a cucumber-flavored tonic water. You can garnish your cocktails with a thin slice of cucumber by wrapping it around the inside of the glass for a party drink that's both beautiful and delicious.

7. Olives

By now, you're probably not surprised that we're encouraging you to pair a strongly flavored, salty snack with your gin and tonics at your next party. If you think about it, olives are already a match made in heaven for gin since they're a common addition to gin martinis. The briny flavor emphasizes the savory elements in gin and helps tame the sugar content of the tonic.

While run-of-the-mill green olives will always be a welcome addition to any snack table, it's worth it to splurge on a more unique, high-quality variety if you're hosting a party. We recommend you try blue cheese olives or Manzanilla olives to get started. You can even go the extra mile and make an olive tray that features different varieties. Just be sure to select varieties that have been pre-pitted, since no one wants to worry about chipping a tooth or having to find a nearby trash can for the pits when they're trying to enjoy a festive little bite.

8. Samosas

If you've never had Indian food with a gin and tonic, we highly recommend you try the pairing ASAP. Samosas are definitely the way to go if you're looking for party food that will allow your guests to try the tasty combination. Samosas can be filled with a variety of fillings such as potatoes, cheese, meat, and vegetables, so you'll have plenty of options to choose from. Since they're usually deep fried (although you can also try an air fryer samosa recipe if you want a healthier option), samosas are hearty enough to help your guests soak up the liquor from the G&Ts.

Making your own samosas is definitely an option, but if you're too busy getting ready for the big day, you can always order from your favorite Indian restaurant or even opt for frozen samosas from the grocery store. Don't count on having leftovers— these are sure to go fast!

9. Lemon cookies

If you ask us, every party needs a sweet treat in the mix of snack offerings — and lemon cookies are an ideal option to pair with gin and tonics. We like this pairing because although lemon cookies are in fact, sweet, they're also tart, zippy, and (obviously) citrusy. There are plenty of delicious citrus-forward gins on the market, so look for a bottle that's bold and bright to match the flavor of your lemon cookies.

There are nearly endless options for garnishing a gin and tonic, but the best choice here is a slice of lemon. Simple as it sounds, the added lemon flavor will make this pairing even better since sometimes, flavor pairings work based on similarities rather than differences.

Though store-bought cookies will certainly satisfy your guests' dessert cravings, making your own is easy and usually worth the effort. If your guests ask if they can contribute a dish to your party, requesting a platter of lemon cookies is an easy-to-fulfill request.

10. Ricotta toast

Move over avocado toast — ricotta toast is the winner when it comes to the best thing on sliced bread to serve with a gin and tonic. Not only is ricotta toast delicious, but it's also extremely versatile. You can serve it as an appetizer, for lunch, or even at a brunch gathering. Ease is the name of the game with this snack since all you need to do is toast up your favorite bread, slather it with high-quality ricotta, and then top it with whatever suits your mood. We love to drizzle ours with things like hot honey, olive oil, or chili oil, and then top it with herbs and spices.

As you think about how to dress your ricotta toast, it's helpful to think about the botanicals in the gin of your choosing, and then go from there. You can also add other toppings like fruit or berries (which, as we mentioned, pair wonderfully with gin).

11. Popcorn

Popcorn goes well with more than just a good movie — it's also the perfect party pairing for a gin and tonic. Just like salted nuts, popcorn is a great salty party munchie. Since it's light and airy, guests can snack to their hearts' content without feeling too full or weighed down. Just set out a big bowl and get ready to watch it get demolished by your hungry party patrons. Standard buttered popcorn goes great with a gin and tonic, but the fun really begins when you start thinking about other flavors.

Store-bought flavored popcorn is delicious, but making your own creative, gin and tonic-friendly popcorn is incredibly easy (and extremely budget-friendly, so you'll have more money to spend on a nice gin). Try flavoring your popcorn with nutritional yeast, herbs, spices, or pre-made popcorn seasoning. When you make your own, you'll get the added benefit of your house smelling like this mouth-watering snack.

12. Potato chips

Sure, potato chips are somewhat of a basic party snack — but hear us out. If you're a fan of Italian aperitivo culture, which features bitter drinks like Aperol Spritzes and salty snacks like potato chips, then you can probably understand why the same idea works so well with a gin and tonic. Since the best tonic brands range in bitterness, we recommend doing a little research and selecting one that's a bit more sophisticated and a bit less sweet.

Plain, salted potato chips are delicious (and crowd-pleasing) in this context, but the sky is the limit when it comes to chip flavors, so don't be shy when choosing. There are plenty of more artisanal brands that feature herbs and spices that are perfect for crunching alongside a G&T. If serving chips at your party feels too low effort for your liking, you always consider offering a selection of dips.

13. Crudite platter

This is another simple, timeless party snack that works beautifully with gin and tonics. Since crudite is just a fancy way to describe sliced, raw vegetables, it's also by far the healthiest party snack around. Carrots, broccoli, cucumbers, radishes, and celery are all great choices that bring out the earthy nature of the gin. Plus, the water content and crunch of the veggies make the entire eating and drinking experience light and refreshing.

Now, as much as we love vegetables, we don't recommend serving a crudite platter without a few stand-out dipping options. While we're never ones to hate on classic ranch dressing, a good party deserves a delicious homemade dip like tahini goddess dip or whipped feta dip. You can also opt for something like store-bought hummus if you don't feel like cooking. You'll be surprised at how many guests eat their veggies when you serve them with delicious accompaniments and a refreshing gin and tonic!