Sweeten Up Overnight Oats With The Addition Of Canned Pie Filling

The post-holiday season may seem like the only acceptable time to eat pie for breakfast, but overnight oats offer another option. Overnight oats are versatile in nature, taking on the flavors of different desserts while still being an "adult" breakfast. The addition of pie filling in oats helps use up any lingering cans taking up space in your pantry while creatively exploring the different ways to sweeten up this simple breakfast. The result? A dish that's as sweet as pie while still being relatively healthy. 

To make the pie-inspired overnight oats, follow the usual process — stir oatmeal, milk, yogurt, and any other additions (such as chia seeds or almonds) together in a jar. Then, top off the oats with the canned pie filling. To mimic the texture of pie, you can create a "crust" by sprinkling crumbled cookies or crackers on top of the oats prior to placing them in the fridge. 

Flavor pairings for pie-inspired overnight oats

To get that classic, apple pie taste, a pinch of nutmeg and cinnamon bring warmth to the sweet treat. Add a sprinkle of the spices to the apple pie filling or whisk it into the overnight oats. For the crust, crumble cinnamon graham crackers on top, or mimic an apple crisp and mix walnuts and rolled oats together for a little crunch. Finish it off with a scoop of vanilla yogurt.

Vanilla also complements the mild flavor of blueberries. Pour vanilla extract into the overnight oats and whip vanilla yogurt into the blueberry pie filling to balance out the tart taste. Sprinkle in a hint of lemon zest and add in some slivered almonds. For the crust, crumble buttery shortbread cookies on top.

For some autumnal-flavored overnight oats, use canned pumpkin pie filling. Sweeten the rich filling with salted caramel Greek yogurt and a dash of cinnamon sugar. Sprinkle crushed pecans into the jar and finish the overnight oats off with graham crackers.