Why Monterey Jack Is The Ideal Cheese To Pair With Extra-Flavorful Burgers

As any burger aficionado knows, this staple dish can come in many shapes and forms. Beyond your typical ground beef patties, for example, you can load 'em with a range of delicious mix-ins, from bits of sausage and chorizo to herbs and spices. And, when it comes to toppings, there's really no limit to how creative you can get. You can stack a burger high with spicy jalape├▒os, sweet pickles, zesty sauces, or all of the above.

But, if you're in the midst of building an extra-flavorful burger, the one thing you may want to consider tempering is the cheese. If you're going with either a boldly flavored patty, a tall stack of toppings, or saucy condiments, it would be a good idea to opt for a more mild cheese option for the sake of harmony. Among the numerous varieties of cheese you can choose for your burger, Monterey Jack is an ideal choice to pair with particularly amped-up flavors. This white, semi-hard cheese hailing from California is made with cow's milk and has a mild taste that can take a backseat to bolder ingredients, all while providing that melty, gooey goodness you crave on a burger.

A mild cheese can strike the perfect flavor balance

While a mix of tastes and textures can certainly make for a delightful bite of burger, you should aim for balance in your dish for two reasons: One, so as to not overwhelm the taste buds, and two, to really allow your star ingredients to shine. A classic chuck patty can be livened up with a sharp cheese like cheddar, for example, but cheddar can, unfortunately, throw off the taste of a more robust patty blend. Meanwhile, if you've already loaded up your burger with spicy or punchy toppings, a cheese like pepper Jack can be overkill and cause the unique flavors of your toppings to get lost.

That's why, as opposed to cheeses with their own bold footprint, the more subtle Monterey Jack helps to create that perfect balance of flavors, all while enhancing the kick of the other ingredients. Better yet, due to its high fat and moisture content, Monterey Jack practically melts on command, supplying a rich and creamy texture that serves to elevate any type of burger. So, the next time you're craving a robust, flavor-packed burger, remember to opt for a cheese like Monterey Jack, which can help to balance the taste of your star ingredients, rather than overwhelm them.