Layer Chicken Into Spanakopita To Give The Dish A More Savory Bite

What do you get when you combine spinach, feta cheese, onions, garlic, and herbs, then wrap it all in phyllo dough? The answer is a Greek classic that never fails to impress: spanakopita. Its golden exterior is crispy and flaky, yet the inside melts with creamy and earthy delight every time you take a bite. And, for those who enjoy a savory touch, adding some chicken into the mix is exactly what this dish needs to really ascend to the next level.

Chicken has a mildly savory taste that brings rustic excitement to the original dish's richness. With the uncanny ability to absorb flavors, chicken perfectly complements the cheese's tangy notes and the spinach's vegetal scent without overwhelming either of these main ingredients. Furthermore, chicken is incredibly versatile, so adding it to spanakopita opens up a world of possibilities for even more flavor experimentation. You can season the meat with different spices, marinate it in a concoction of condiments, or play around with different sauces. Nothing is off the table!

Spanakopita and chicken make a wonderful combination in more ways than one

Chicken's versatility allows spanakopita to be fully transformed. The simplest way to incorporate chicken into spanakopita would be to mix small pieces in with the filling. You can dress up the meat beforehand, then pan-sear or grill it for a more intense flavor. This is even easier if you happen to have leftover chicken available from previous meals. When mixed with spanakopita's flavorful ingredients and baked to perfection, the chicken will taste just like it was freshly cooked.

Although traditionally favored as an appetizer, side dish, or snack, spanakopita can easily transform into a filling, hearty main course — especially when chicken is involved. A pot pie or casserole presentation is perfect if you're looking to pack in a ton of flavors. Most if not all of the original ingredients can be used, too. Combined in a large skillet and topped with a crispy phyllo crust, spanakopita pot pie can be an enticing, comforting centerpiece for a filling family dinner.

Another extravagant option is to stuff your chicken with the traditional spanakopita filling. You can use a whole chicken or just the breast. Either way, it's guaranteed to be a satisfying meal. On the other hand, spanakopita and chicken also work well in simpler dishes that you can whip up in a flash, like meatballs, pasta, and burgers. With a spanakopita twist, they're entangled in a unique taste that feels simultaneously new and familiar.