Pay Attention To How Much Jam You're Adding When Making Rugelach

As delicious as these easily snackable, bite-sized pieces of crescent-shaped cookies might be, it is possible to perfect recipes to make homemade rugelach even better. From adding cream cheese to impart a tangy, decadent texture to the dough to carefully measuring out the filling each one of these treats hides inside, the treats you take out of your oven will be scooped up quickly, leaving you scrambling to make more.

Yiddish for "little twists," these Eastern European delicacies can be packed with jam or chocolate, but when filling the pastry, just the right amount of chosen spread should be added to maximize both flavor and texture. As tempting as it might be to pack your doughy pieces with plenty of filling, too much of any fruit or chocolate spread can render the culinary project a bit more challenging to handle. With too much jam inserted into the layers of the dough, you may find yourself struggling to make clean, aesthetically pleasing twists. Instead, take up the reins of your rugelach-making activities and show restraint: You'll need only a few small spoonfuls of the filling of your choosing to spin rugelach dough into sweet perfection.

An even spread for optimal baking

Whether you decide to fill your croissant-shaped cookies with blueberry jam, freshly made apricot preserves, orange marmalade, or raspberry purée, ensure that each doughy piece gets the attention it deserves. If adding nuts or dried fruit into the mixture, watch for consistency as you spread and roll the dough into twisted shapes for baking. Similarly, if you set out to create chocolate-filled pieces, use a teaspoon to help you level out the chocolate hazelnut spread over the top of your cut-out shapes of dough.

It can be a tricky balance to master, especially when the smell of the baked treats starts to fill your kitchen, but measuring out the fillings for your next rugelach project can result in cookies that deliver satisfying flavors tucked neatly into a crunchy, flaky exterior. The level approach to making these cookies will not only result in better-looking cookies but the dough will be baked more thoroughly when you take your baker's dozens out of the oven. Top with your choice of powdered sugar, cinnamon, or brown sugar and enjoy.