Top Cheese Crostini With Pomegranate Seeds For A Sweet Twist

Though you may more frequently top morning bowls of oatmeal and spiced autumnal cakes with pomegranate seeds, it is time to start sprinkling these red fruity gems on top of cheesy pieces of warm toast. The addition of the tartly sweet fruit provides an excellent complementary flavor to the more savory, salty flavors of sharp and creamy cheeses. When matched with freshly made and sliced crostini, the pomegranate pieces also give an added textural bite to appetizers, lunch spreads, and afternoon snacks. 

Not only can the brightly-hued ingredient help create a lively platter, but with little effort, you can offer a colorful starter that will arouse your guests' senses and offer a fresh, satisfying dish before the main courses are presented. Start by pairing rich, savory halloumi cheese with pomegranate, using both the seeds and sweet tangy pomegranate molasses mixed with chopped cherry tomatoes. Soon, you'll be ready to experiment with other flavor combinations for your next platters of perfectly toasted crostini. 

A fresh approach to entertaining

Try sprinkling pomegranate seeds over spreads of creamy goat cheese or ricotta, or look to match the fruit with mature blue cheese, soft Camembert, or melted brie. Not only can pomegranate seeds complement a variety of cheeses, but the bread and crackers you use will also bring out unique flavors in the ingredient combinations. Whether you're serving seeded crackers or sourdough bread with sliced or melted cheese, your basic plates of crostini are in for a serious upgrade.

Finish pomegranate-topped crostini with drizzles of honey, agave syrup, or thicker balsamic vinegar for an added swoosh of sweetness. Alternatively, garnish your assembled toast pieces with flakes of crunchy sea salt for an added savory bite. Pomegranate seeds are useful for creating beautiful presentations quickly, so it is worth storing an extra jar in the fridge for easy additions for dinner parties, unexpected guests, and afternoons in need of an extra bright pick-me-up.