A Drizzle Of Hot Honey Is The Kick Your Next Bowl Of Ice Cream Needs

Ice cream with a touch of spice? Absolutely. Drizzling the spicy, sticky sweetness of hot honey on top of your next bowl of ice cream is a guaranteed ticket to Flavortown. Whether you're scooping up bowls of traditional ice cream, making your own honey-flavored ice cream, or want to gobble up strawberry frozen yogurt for an afternoon pick-me-up, an added touch of hot honey garnish will have you feeling like a professional chef in no time.

Chili-infused honey is the perfect complement to the refreshing coolness of ice cream, and when matched with complementary flavors, both homemade and store-bought ice creams and fresh, creamy gelatos can really start to sing when amplified with a hit of spice. After trying this delightful combination, you may find yourself reaching for the jar of hot honey to top other sweet food items like cinnamon breakfast waffles, creamy dessert spreads, and trays of cheesy appetizers. It's just that good.

Matching sugar and spice for ideal treats

Experiment with tasting notes by matching dense, creamy dessert flavors with the heated sweetness of hot honey, or look to match buttery and nutty ice creams with the honey's sticky heat. Start with testing basic flavors of ice cream with the spicy addition before trying more adventurous flavor varieties like cheesecake with cookie crumbles, your favorite pints of Ben & Jerry's, or fruity sorbets with chunks of tropical fruits. Top your hot honey-drizzled bowls with flakes of crunchy sea salt, cracker crumbles, chopped nuts, or even red pepper flakes to create the desserts of your dreams, or set out a spread for guests to pick and choose their ideal flavor combinations. Since spice isn't for every palate, start conservatively and adjust to taste.

If you're already sold on the idea of hot honey flavoring your ice creams, consider swirling the ingredient into your next batch of homemade no-churn vanilla dulce de leche or peanut butter ice cream recipe. Sugar and spice really do make everything nice.