Frozen Pumpkin Espresso Martinis Are The Coolest Drink To Sip This Fall

It's safe to say that espresso martinis are having a moment. Cocktail bars around the country are serving up their own idiosyncratic takes on the drink, and social media foodies have created imaginative variations (like the viral parmesan espresso martini). Today, we're talking about the seasonal sipper that's been taking TikTok by storm, and it's all about autumnal ingredients. 

Introducing: the frozen pumpkin espresso martini. This creamy, pumpkin-hued bevy offers a playful take on the sophisticated cocktail. It also makes a great fall cocktail for non-bourbon fans. To make it, grab a cocktail shaker and combine ice cubes, a shot of fresh espresso or strong-brewed coffee, cream liqueur, vanilla vodka, maple syrup, coffee creamer, a generous spoonful of pumpkin puree, and a dash of pumpkin pie spice, then give it a vigorous shake.

You could definitely stop here if you wish. A chilled, classic pumpkin espresso martini suits us just fine. Plus, the cocktail will develop a pleasant frothy cap from all that shaking. But, to elevate this cult-classic cocktail to frozen stardom, we're taking it one step further: Strain the mixture into an ice-filled blender. From there, puree until smooth, and pour your thick, icy, yummy drink into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with the signature espresso martini coffee bean trio, plus a dusting of cinnamon for extra seasonal flair. (Be sure to use a sieve for this step to prevent any unpleasant spice globs from dropping into your delicate drink.)

More ways to switch up your martinis

In the spirit of the season, feel free to get creative with your espresso martini ingredients. Plain, vanilla, hazelnut, or even pumpkin spice coffee creamers would all make great additions. You could use Bailey's Irish Cream liqueur for a richer dessert flavor or Kahlua for a more coffee-forward profile. If you prefer a stronger bitter coffee taste (and a punchier ABV), swap the maple syrup for Mr. Black cold brew coffee liqueur. For a more maximalist presentation, garnish with a cinnamon stick and a mini pumpkin-shaped candy corn. Instead of a cinnamon dusting, finish your martini glass with a cinnamon sugar rim. If savory is more your style, you could add some dimensionality with ground white pepper or garnish with a few Maldon sea salt flakes.

As an added bonus, this frozen bevy is easy to batch for parties. You could even just whip up a big batch of frozen espresso martinis and leave it in the blender. Guests can serve themselves as they please and give the "puree" button a few pulses if the drink starts to separate.