The Decadent Wine Pairing For Sweet Potato Ravioli With Sage Brown Butter

Sweet Potato Ravioli with Sage Brown Butter is a quintessential fall dish, boasting rich, earthy flavors that warm the soul. To elevate this delightful autumn favorite, a well-chosen wine can make all the difference. Look no further than Bright Cellars' 2020 Worst Evils Red Blend California, a Grenache-based wine, to enhance your dining experience.

Bright Cellars' Worst Evils Red Blend California is a tantalizing blend of Grenache and other complementary grapes. Grenache, known for its versatility and deliciously fruity profile, forms the core of this wine, according to its Master Sommelier Catherine Fallis. Its silky texture and notes of red berries and herbs create a captivating synergy with the flavors of sweet potato, sage, and brown butter. 

"This is one of my favorite fall dishes and a crowd-pleaser. Serve a warm, inviting red to keep the mood going, such as Bright Cellars' Grenache-based 2020 Worst Evils Red Blend California. Luscious like the butter, and lightly sweet, its berry notes complement the sweet potato as its herb notes bridge to the sage," says Fallis.

How the notes pair with the dish's components

The reason this Grenache-based blend works so well is because of its different notes, which complement the sweet potato ravioli and its herbaceous butter sauce. The buttery richness of the brown butter sauce finds a kindred spirit in the smooth, velvety texture of Worst Evils Red Blend. As the wine caresses your palate, it mirrors the indulgent quality of the sauce. The herbal notes in Worst Evils Red Blend act as a bridge to the sage, enhancing the herbal aspect of the dish. It's a harmonious interplay of flavors that upgrades both the wine and the culinary experience.

As for the primary component of the pasta dish, the sweet potato, the wine's subtle sweetness harmonizes beautifully with this element. It enhances the natural sugars of the dish without overpowering it. The red berry notes in the wine, often associated with Grenache, provide a delightful contrast to the earthiness of the root vegetable. This contrast adds depth to the dish and keeps your taste buds engaged.

As you savor your sweet potato ravioli with sage brown butter, the Worst Evils Red Blend California from Bright Cellars will elevate every bite. So, whether you're dining solo or hosting a gathering, this red wine pairing is sure to make your fall evenings memorable and delicious.