How A Viral Recipe Launched Cake Pops Into Everlasting Popularity

We have graphic designer Angie Dudley to thank for cake pops. Also known as Bakerella, the Atlanta-based blogger brought cake balls and cake pops to the greater public after her recipes went viral and she was invited onto the Martha Stewart Show to showcase her culinary creativity. Dudley was inspired to make the sweet recipe after taking cake decorating classes and experimenting with forming crumbled bits of cake into spheres and covering them with frosting. Over time, Dudley began enhancing the round morsels of cake with coatings of candy, sprinkles, and cookie crumbles before deciding to pierce each hunk of sweetness with sticks from lollipops.

The easy-to-make recipe helped catapult Dudley into gastronomic fame, and her cookbook went on to become a New York Times best-seller. After her unique approach to dessert took the culinary world by storm, cake-pop-making appliances, and home-baking sets followed closely behind, with cake-pop makers and gifts capitalizing on the popularity of the beloved treat.

When easy recipes become a crowd favorite

Dudley's creativity birthed seasonal and themed cake pop recipes as she began posting more of her creations online. The treats found fans and followers quickly, and cake pops were served at events, parties, weddings, and Starbucks stores. Dudley even began selling her own cake pops kit. "I guess you can say imitation is the best form of flattery," Dudley told CNBC after cake-pop-making appliances began flying off shelves in the early 2000s. "If I said a company stole my idea, it would be like me saying a home baker couldn't make cake pops either." 

With a straightforward process and a flexible recipe, making cake pops is one of those aesthetically pleasing experiences that offer both a convenient and cute approach to hosting. Customizable according to color, flavor, and design, cake pop recipes remain a solid bet for entertaining, and the bite-sized pieces provide just the right amount of sweetness to end meals and keep guests smiling. These desserts are here to stay.