Shoestring Fries Are The Crunchy Addition Your Burger's Been Craving

One of the best things about fries — besides how delicious they are — is their versatility. From steak cut to crinkle cut to wedge cut and everything in between, there are seemingly countless ways to enjoy them. And when you're in the mood for an ultra-crispy variation, look no further than shoestring fries. They're not only great on their own. But, when you are craving a burger with fries but want to try something different, they work great as a topping.

Making the shoestring fries a burger topping will make for a satisfying crunch that you didn't realize your burger was missing as the flavors of the potato complement the other toppings nicely. Plus, if you ever find yourself craving a burger and fries on the go, this is the perfect way to transport the meal more easily — if the fries are inside the burger, there's one less thing for you to carry. It also opens up the opportunity to highlight a different side dish with the burger, such as your favorite side salad or mac and cheese.

How to make the most of shoestring fries on your burger

If you want to branch out beyond the typical fry flavor, try Shoestring Garlic Parmesan Fries. Since parmesan isn't the typical cheese you find on a burger, it'll make for a memorable burger experience. You could also integrate your favorite sauce — such as sriracha or barbecue sauce — directly into the shoestring fries by coating the potatoes in the sauce before cooking the fries in oil. Or, you could season the shoestring fries with spices such as cumin and chili powder.

A ranch burger is a great example of a burger that would benefit from the crunch of shoestring fries — especially if you're someone who enjoys dipping fries into ranch dressing. Or, if you enjoy a bit of spiciness but want to tone down your Smoky Chipotle Burger, then adding in the shoestring fries will help take some of the attention away from the heat while adding some much-needed crunchiness to this recipe.