The Best Way To Cook Flounder For A Crispy And Flaky Texture

If you're after crispy, flaky fish, then flounder is the best pick for the job. The thin, lightweight filet is perfect when fried, yielding a delicate interior with a crunchy coating. Although there are a multitude of ways to achieve crispy fish, pan-frying is the ideal option for flounder.

As demonstrated in our escalope-style flounder recipe, the fish can be enjoyed at its peak when breaded and fried in shallow oil. By coating the outside of the fish and allowing it to cook in the oil, it develops a crispy exterior while maintaining the tender texture of the fish. The crisp, yet juicy texture isn't achieved as easily when sauteing, which is a method that requires constant attention.

To pan-fry the fish, dredge it in flour, eggs, and then breadcrumbs. Although the type of breadcrumbs is up to you, panko is a popular option. Its airy texture and affinity for soaking up moisture makes it an excellent choice when pan-frying flounder. Cover the bottom of the pan with vegetable oil and allow it to heat up before dropping the breaded flounder inside.

Other methods to achieve flaky flounder

Breadcrumbs aren't the only way to achieve a flaky fish with a crisp outside. If you don't like the super crunchy coating that panko lends to fish, simply pan-fry your flounder sans breadcrumbs. While the skillet heats up, pat the fish dry, removing every bit of moisture. Skip the egg and breadcrumb steps by coating the flounder in seasoned flour alone. You can also dip it in cornstarch for a crisp finish.

For the times when you're craving crispy fish but want to limit your oil intake, utilize your oven. Bake the fish at a high heat to brown the outside without drying out the juicy parts. To make oven-fried flounder, add grated parmesan to the breadcrumbs to give the fish the wonderful flaky texture that cheese takes on when baked.

Alternatively, you can use an air fryer to achieve healthier flounder in about 10 minutes. After patting the fish dry, dredge it in flour, eggs, and panko and place it in the air fryer at 400 F. Just like you would do when pan-frying, try not to disturb the fish. Only flip the flounder halfway through cooking to get an evenly fried fish.