The Meaty Twist You Need To Bulk Up Greek Hasselback Potatoes

You can find all sorts of hasselback potato recipes out there today. For example, there are the traditional hasselback baked potatoes with various toppings and the au gratin casserole versions. Here at Tasting Table, we've got an original recipe for Greek-style hasselback potatoes with a meaty twist: Greek sausage and hasselback feta potatoes, created by Tasting Table recipe developer Kara Barrett. It's a delicious one-sheet meal that's guaranteed to please your dinner guests.

If you've never tried this version of potatoes, Barrett says this recipe is, "a fun way to introduce cooks to the Hasselback or accordion method." All you'll need is two chopsticks and a sharp knife, but we'll discuss the details soon.

For now, let's get into the sausage, which is the ingredient that makes this a complete meal. To match the other Mediterranean flavors, try to find Greek sausages called loukaniko. These are usually made of pork or lamb (sometimes both) and an array of other flavors, which can include orange peel, leeks, fennel seed, oregano, and garlic. If you cannot find these at your local butcher or grocery store, Barrett suggests Italian or lamb sausages as alternatives. Are you a vegetarian? Use your favorite meat-free sausages.

Making Greek sausage and hasselback feta potatoes

When the sausages are procured, it's time to gather the other ingredients. This recipe is full of Greek and Mediterranean flavors, and many of the ingredients might already be in your kitchen. We'll let you refer to our recipe for the proper measurements, but here's an outline of what you need: One pound of new potatoes (red, gold, or a medley), lemon juice and zest, olive oil, feta cheese, and sundried tomatoes. For seasonings, use salt, dried oregano, and dried or fresh parsley. Remember, the sausages already have salt and a whole stash of other seasonings so don't overdo the added herbs or it'll take away from the freshness of the dish.

In case you've never made hasselback potatoes, here's how Barrett suggests cutting the potatoes. Place two chopsticks underneath the potato on each side to prevent cutting the potatoes too far. Then use a sharp knife to make slits along the potato, cutting down until you hit the chopsticks to create the accordion-style spuds. You'll mix the oil with some of the seasonings, brush the potatoes with the mixture, stuff them with some of the crumbled feta, then cook with the sausages for 40 minutes. Don't forget to check out our full recipe for the rest of the instructions, and some alternative ingredients.