Give Your Salad A Hearty Boost With Some Leftover Brisket

Brisket, which is a cut of meat that comes from the cow's rib, takes a lot of time and TLC to make right. It starts with what is considered a tough and fatty piece of meat that is cooked low and slow until it transforms into a rich and succulent protein that makes your mouth water. While it is traditionally served with barbecue sauce on a sandwich topped with coleslaw, if you find you have some leftovers, incorporate them into a salad.

Brisket salad is not a new concept, but it is one worth adding to your meal plan. It's really like having your sandwich sans the bread. The smoky flavor of the beef readily complements a traditional lettuce, salad mix, or charred romaine. Drizzle a little vinegar dressing over it and you have a decadent dish worthy of your taste buds. What you will love about this meat is how versatile it is. Simply slice or shred the brisket and see how well it pairs with a little crunch, tang, and sweetness of the many veggies and dressings that can comprise a salad. 

Don't limit your options

Serve your brisket hot or cold, it is really a matter of personal preference, but romaine lettuce has a crunch and bitterness that contrasts nicely with the sweet and savory elements of a brisket. Throw in some corn and a little bell pepper relish, coat with an herby vinaigrette, and you will love how all the flavors come together with this acidic dressing that adds both balance and brightness to this leftover meat. You can also explore how heat can make your brisket shine by using some chipotle and adobo sauce in your salad to spice it up. This will give you more of a Southwestern vibe when the mood strikes. 

But don't discount pairing your leftover brisket with iceberg lettuce. In a classic wedge salad that generally is comprised of iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, blue cheese, and bacon, you can easily swap out the bacon for some brisket. It may have you feeling like you are noshing on a deconstructed blue cheese burger. However, don't limit yourself to classic leafy salads; this fatty meat tastes just as good thrown into a cucumber salad as it does in a Panzanella, which takes advantage of bread pieces and beautifully sweet and acidic tomatoes.