Honey Mustard Is The Tangy Twist Your Canned Baked Beans Need

You can add canned baked beans to almost any meal as an effortless side dish that's still packed with flavor. Sure, you can simply open the can, warm the beans, and serve them with your main dish, but there's always a way to elevate canned foods. You might have already added hot sauce to your beans, sriracha, for example, to kick up the heat, or popped in pieces of bacon for more layers of flavor. But, we've got an unconventional addition: honey mustard. That's right, the sweet and tangy condiment you're used to eating with chicken tenders tastes delicious in baked beans.

The addition of honey mustard makes sense if you think about it. Most baked beans have a thick, rich barbecue or tomato sauce. They're good, but honey will add a new subtle sweetness and the mustard will increase the tanginess to cut through the rich acidity of the canned sauce. There are also various types of mustard, like Dijon and yellow, to match your preference for more spiciness or milder flavors.

Adding honey mustard to canned baked beans

You have a few options when it comes to adding honey mustard to your canned baked beans. First, keep it simple and use your favorite store-bought honey mustard. There are many brands to choose from and if you're a condiment person, there's probably already a bottle in your fridge. You can also make homemade honey mustard by mixing Dijon mustard, honey, vinegar, and mayonnaise, then adding it to your pot of canned baked beans. A final option is to add honey and mustard separately into the beans to get the essence of the two main ingredients.

When you figure out what kind of honey mustard you want to use, it's time to use it to take those canned beans to the next level. Put the beans in a pot and heat according to the instructions on the package. While the beans are simmering, add the honey mustard. Start with a few tablespoons, or a couple tablespoons each of honey and Dijon mustard, into the baked beans then add more to taste until you're satisfied with the flavors. Remember, it's better to start with less rather than overpower the beans. After the beans are heated through, it's time to serve with burgers, baked chicken, or whatever is on tonight's dinner menu.