Why Steak And Gorgonzola Cheese Are The Ultimate Flavor Pairing

Pairing steak with blue cheese is never a bad idea. However, given that there are all kinds of blue cheese varieties, finding the perfect match is often easier said than done. No matter the cut, we're big believers that Gorgonzola will always hit the right gustatory notes for a few reasons.

An Italian blue-marbled cheese, Gorgonzola lands on the mellower end of the blue spectrum but still packs a punch. The cheese has a salty and earthy quality and boasts a nutty aroma. While lean filet mignon is a good match for more delicate and buttery Gorgonzola dolce, beefier and fattier cuts, like a strip steak, fare well with sharper and firmer Gorgonzola piccante, which has been aged for longer. The big question is: What exactly makes the pairing so iconic?

Beyond displaying a nice textural and visual contrast between the creamy cheese and the juicy beef, steak and Gorgonzola make a lot of sense flavor-wise. Since savory steak and funky Gorgonzola are both rich in umami, joining them together means that their respective flavors will only be further amplified, producing a more mouthwatering result. Additionally, Gorgonzola can impart another dimension of flavor thanks to its pungent and deeply nuanced profile. Yet, despite the fact that both ingredients can be quite rich on their own, the vibrantly tangy quality of the Gorgonzola can even tone down the overall decadence, creating a more balanced and delicious bite.

Unique ways to introduce Gorgonzola into your next steak dinner

The easiest way to pair Gorgonzola with steak is to crumble it over top of a cooked filet or into an accompanying side dish — think mashed potatoes, endive salad, or french fries. Or, you could encrust the filet with bits of the blue cheese before placing it into a cast iron skillet and broiling. Just remember that Gorgonzola piccante is best for crumbling due to its drier texture, whereas smooth Gorgonzola dolce lends itself better to melting, including in a sauce.

A great way to incorporate blue cheese into a steak dish is by crafting an easy Gorgonzola sauce by whisking a few ounces of the cheese with a splash of Worcestershire sauce, a spoonful of Dijon, and sauteed mushrooms, before simmering and reducing. Alternatively, you can also make a quick no-cook dressing to drizzle over the top of the steak by mixing Gorgonzola with sour cream and a dash of lemon juice.

Lastly, experimenting with compound butter can prove worthwhile. Simply mix a few tablespoons of butter with some fresh herbs, lemon zest, and your choice of Gorgonzola. The dolce or piccante varieties will both work well depending on the texture you want to achieve. After giving your steak a perfect sear, top it off with a pat of blue-infused butter and enjoy. With so many creative ways to pair steak and Gorgonzola, all that's left to ponder is which wine to pair the meal with!