The Flavorful Way To Incorporate Pesto Into Your Turkey Sandwich

While it's most commonly used in pasta, pesto is way too good to relegate to noodles alone. It's incredible alongside turkey and is a great addition to help you make restaurant-quality sandwiches at home. To get the most out of the condiment, carefully consider how you place the pesto on a turkey sandwich, because it directly impacts the taste.

Pesto brightens turkey sandwiches, bringing depth thanks to the rich cheese and earthy olive oil. A classic, foolproof way to put it on a sandwich is to layer it on both slices of bread. This method disperses the rich condiment throughout the sandwich, providing top-to-bottom flavor. However, if you want the turkey itself to be infused with the taste of pesto, try marinating the meat in the condiment.

You can steep the turkey in pesto and refrigerate it for a few hours or simply toss it in the condiment prior to assembling the sandwich. This way, the pesto's nuttiness is fully present in each bite of turkey. Of course, how you include pesto can also be dependent on what type you use. The flavor of the pesto can determine how it is best used.

The best ways to add different types of pesto to a turkey sandwich

If you like pesto that's on the herbaceous side, like classic basil or cilantro pesto, you may like to spread it on each slice of bread and call it a day. However, you can also play it up by tossing extra basil or cilantro onto the sandwich. Layer it with mozzarella and sliced tomatoes for a Caprese turkey sandwich or shred and sprinkle it inside the sandwich for a more diffuse flavor.

You can also play up the flavor with pesto rosso, or sun-dried tomato pesto. After spreading the pesto, place sun-dried tomatoes onto the bread for a richer flavor. For a milder taste, whip pesto together with mayonnaise or Greek yogurt. The acidity in both ingredients goes well with the acidity in pesto rosso while subtly subduing the tomato flavor for a creamy dressing.

The method also works with pesto agli agrumi, or citrus pesto. This recipe swaps pine nuts for almonds and includes either lemons or oranges, giving the pesto an earthy yet bright taste. Mix it with some Greek yogurt and a dash of freshly-squeezed lemon or orange juice for a bright, zesty turkey sandwich. Or, drizzle it over the other ingredients to get a subtle, citrusy taste throughout the entire sandwich.