The Tool You Need To Carbonate Your Cranberry Sauce This Holiday Season

Cranberry sauce can be a controversial side dish. Do you serve the jelly-like, canned version or make it fresh? Should you keep it classic and sweet or add creative mix-ins like nuts or hot peppers? Regardless of which recipe is your favorite, we would like to recommend one more twist that is certainly worth trying: Add an exciting fizz to your cranberry sauce by using a carbonation siphon.

A carbonation siphon, or a soda siphon, is a tool used to introduce carbonation to drinks and other liquids. It does so by dissolving carbon dioxide into the liquid in order to create bubbles. The bubbles, in turn, give the liquid that irresistible sparkling effect that we know and love. Using this technique on cranberry sauce will create a condiment that gently fizzes inside your mouth with each bite. It is a truly one-of-a-kind sensory experience for you and your fellow diners — one that can provide a much-needed change of pace from traditional holiday fare.

How to add fizz to your cranberries

Begin by making cranberry sauce using whatever method you prefer. Note, however, that only the liquid parts of cranberry sauce can be carbonated, so it is better to opt for a soupier recipe versus a drier or more gelatinous version. Chill the sauce to ensure maximum carbon dioxide retention, then add it to your carbonation siphon. Use the siphon as instructed to fill your sauce with bubbles, then serve immediately or store in the fridge until ready to serve.

Picking the right kind of appliance for this job is important. Many mainstream, home-use carbonation tools, like the SodaStream, for example, are designed solely for making sparkling water, and using them with other liquids can be dangerous for both you and the machine. As such, it is important to select a siphon that is designed to carbonate liquids other than water, such as a whipped cream siphon or a specialty cocktail carbonation tool.