Use A Lace Doily To Decorate Your Cake With Powdered Toppings

Even if you're not a professional baker, you can make beautiful, delicately decorated cakes with the help of a doily. By placing a lace doily on top of a cooled cake, you can easily dust powdered sugar over the surface. Once you've removed the intricate fabric, a white sugary mirror of the doily's design will be left on top of your cake. The powdery imprint looks more impressive than it might be to make, but no one needs to know your culinary shortcuts unless you want to reveal your creative tips.

Powdered sugar is one of the easiest ways to decorate a cake, and while a thin, even coating of the sugar can serve as an aesthetically pleasing finish, the addition of a fine lace pattern can take dessert presentations up a notch. Even if you don't have a doily to use, layering strings or other fabrics can help create unique designs on top of your baked goods.

Less can be more when it comes to decorating

Instead of worrying about perfecting carefully made designs with frosting or having to pipe even layers of colored icing around the top of your cake, the simple combination of a lace doily and fine sugary powder is well worth trying. Decorating rich chocolate tortes and flourless chocolate cakes with a gentle layer of powdered sugar can offer an elegant presentation to serve after a meal or alongside a cup of afternoon tea. 

You can make your own powdered sugar if your cupboards are empty. Depending on the base color of your cake, powdered sugar can be replaced by sweetened cocoa powder or cinnamon. Create different tints and adjust the color of your decorating medium with additions of green matcha powder, dehydrated raspberries, or freeze-dried blueberries. For vanilla and light-colored lemon cakes, consider decorating the cake with complementary colors. Once you've tried this easy decorating hack, you may be placing doilies on top of other baked goods like cookies and scones to create sugary presentations worthy of Instagram feeds.