Give Tahini A Sweet Twist To Deliciously Dress Up Any Fruit

When considering tahini, you may mainly think of its savory uses for hummus, marinades, and salad dressings. But this sesame seed condiment can also be used for divinely sweet purposes, like for the classic sesame candy halvah or as a way to spice up a recipe for chocolate chip cookies. If you're looking for a new way to explore the sweet side of tahini, consider trying a sweetened tahini dip for fruit. 

In the Middle East, tahini spiked with date syrup or date molasses is often enjoyed as an after-dinner dip for bread and a breakfast dish. Transferring this formula over stateside, you can use maple syrup or honey rather than date syrup, with much of the same sweet results. You can keep this simple, with a two-ingredient honey and tahini dressing, or bring in a number of other delicious additions like spices, creamy yogurt, vanilla extract, and a touch of salt to create a truly decadent dip. Paired with strawberries, mango, apples, and other fresh fruit, this works as an irresistible snack. 

The sweet side of tahini

To begin with your sweetened tahini dip, consider what sweetener you'd like to go with. Maple syrup will give it a fall-forward flavor profile and may welcome accompanying spices like nutmeg and cinnamon. Meanwhile, rich, caramel-like date syrup or dark molasses could pair nicely with some freshly toasted sesame seeds or pecans. To keep it more neutral, honey would be your best option. You can pair these mixes with any fruit you desire, but apples, pears, and bananas work particularly well with these flavors. 

As for ratios, think of adding 2-3 tablespoons of liquid sweetener to every ½ cup of tahini for a standard dressing. If you'd like for it to be more of a creamy dip, bring a cup of sour cream, crème fraîche, or yogurt to the equation. To this dairy-rich base, you'll then add equal parts of tahini and liquid sweetener to incorporate that nutty flavor. You can spice it up with a masala chai or pie spice blend, or stir in some crunchy elements, such as the aforementioned toasted sesame seeds and nuts. Whether you make it simple or complexly layered, you'll find this sweet tahini dressing or dip the perfect way to enjoy your fresh fruit.