The Irish Breakfast Shot Features Whiskey, Orange Juice, And A Strip Of Bacon

While a typical Irish breakfast places servings of black or white sausages, eggs, meat, tomatoes, mushrooms, bread, and butter in front of bleary-eyed diners, the Irish shot delivers similar tastes with fewer ingredients — and a bit more of an alcoholic wallop. Also known as an Irish Pancake Breakfast, this drink order is made up of two shots, one shot mixed with Irish whiskey and butterscotch schnapps followed by another of good ol' orange juice. The OJ is meant to be consumed immediately following the sweetened whiskey shot, and a sliver of crispy fried bacon is often served as a garnish and companion to the liquid spread.

The formulaic experience of shot, juice, and bacon makes for a surprisingly sweet and savory palate, bringing forth notes of pancakes and maple syrup or memories of toast served with freshly squeezed glasses of juice and pieces of bacon taken hot off the griddle. After trying this drink concoction, you might feel like you're at a bed and breakfast someplace in Ireland instead of bellying up to a bar.

A beverage that puts the taste of breakfast into glasses

Simple to make and easy to serve, the Irish Breakfast Shot is guaranteed to start the day off on a zippy note. Brunch dates won't be the same once you've poured Irish whiskey and butterscotch liqueur into a glass, and if you're having guests over for a late-morning breakfast spread, offering this as a beverage option will surely amuse your friends. 

To show off your home-bartending skills, shake Irish whiskey, schnapps, and a touch of maple syrup with ice and pour into shot glasses. You can chill the shot glasses in advance to offer a more refreshing drinking experience. Alternatively, if you'd like to cut down on the number of glasses to clean, convert the shots into one cocktail by mixing the whiskey and liqueur into a shaker, strain into ice-filled glasses, and top with OJ. 

While you don't need to add much culinary creativity to this recipe, the type of bacon you serve with your drinks can impact the overall taste. Consider offering two or three varieties of bacon — some sweetened with maple syrup, others salted and buttered — for guests to enjoy along with their beverages. Top 'o the morning and Sláinte, indeed.