The Best Type Of Chips To Serve With Hearty Clam Dip

Chips and dip are one of the best foods for snacking. No matter the occasion or the audience, the duo is almost always well received. That said, knowing which chips to pair with certain dips can really amp up enjoyment. While you might be familiar with combos like salsa served with tortilla chips or hummus served with pita crisps, what is the best match for a fully loaded clam dip?

Because clam dip is such a dense spread, it can't be served with just any chip. Along with a thick base of cream cheese and sour cream, the dip is also typically quite chunky due to its many ingredients like salt-kissed clams, fresh herbs, minced onions, and chopped celery. As a result, regular chips tend to break when dunked into clam dip given their thin (read: flimsy) composition. Thankfully, the key to choosing a better companion is as straightforward as selecting a sturdier chip. Crunchy kettle chips are one option. Fried in batches and fried for longer periods of time, they can easily withstand the bulk of clam dip. Likewise, regular chips can get the job done, if you choose a variety with ridges like Ruffles. Designed to be crunchier and more durable, chips with ridges can even go a step further as they increase surface area, allowing more dip to be scooped up in each bite — a stellar pairing across the board if we don't say so ourselves!

Serve clam dip with these strong and sturdy chips

Kettle chips or Ruffles, the next thing you need to consider when pairing chips with clam dip is flavor. Plain chips tend to be the traditional option (clam dip or otherwise) since they act as a neutral vessel that won't detract from whatever they're being dunked into. Evidently, because clam dip tends to be fairly rich in flavor between its creamy base and its plethora of salty and savory ingredients, a simple salted chip won't overwhelm the taste buds. Additionally, plain chips also allow the dip's most nuanced flavors to thrive.

Despite that pairing clam dip with plain kettle chips or Ruffles will never lead you astray, that isn't to say that you can't experiment with flavored chips either. Depending on the dip recipe, a flavored chip can actually enhance and balance the dip. For example, herby flavors such as sour cream and onion, dill, or even ranch can all be suitable matches against the fresh marine quality of the clam dip. Alternatively, chips with some zing like tangy lime or zesty jalapeño can cut through the decadence of the dip and lead to a more harmonious mouthful. Regardless of which chips you choose, remember that strong and sturdy varieties are a must. As for flavor, feel free to play it as safe or as daring as you want!