Use Leftover Corned Beef To Give Your Meatloaf A Unique Flavor Twist

Few dishes are as famously dogged on as meatloaf. Whether you slather it in ketchup, wrap it in bacon and deep-fry it (relax), or avoid it altogether, seemingly everybody has an opinion. But, here at Tasting Table, we're of the mind that meatloaf critics simply haven't had a good one. Maybe your mom made a killer meatloaf on holidays, or maybe your favorite version comes from the warmly lit diner on your corner. Allow us to introduce you to your next important loaf: It's all about corned beef.

Salty, savory corned beef will elevate the flavor of your meatloaf, creating little bursts of smokiness in every bite. Plus, corned beef's slight sweetness and crispy exterior add depth and complexity.

Historically, meatloaf has been a working-class immigrant dish, a workhorse of a dinner recipe to fuel the foodies that built America. But, historical reverence aside, meatloaf has endured for other reasons: It's flavorful, nutrient-dense, hearty, thrifty, and doesn't require any fancy techniques to make. In fitting fashion, this simple corned beef upgrade doesn't ask for any complicated immersion methods, either.

Breathe new life into your leftovers

Simply shred or finely chop your corned beef into tiny pieces and incorporate it into your classic meatloaf ground beef mixture. That's it. Depending on how dense you like your meatloaf, you might want to reduce the amount of ground beef you normally use to offset the added corned beef. Roasted onion and garlic would amp up the savory umami flavor here. You could even add some sauerkraut into your loaf for a Reuben-inspired dish.

Adding corned beef to your regular meatloaf recipe is a great way to use up leftovers without rehashing the same meal from last night (which can get a little boring, no matter how much you love corned beef). Had dinner at Katz's and couldn't finish the sandwich? No worries, this dish will take that takeout box into its capable meatloaf hands. The corned beef from your go-to Jewish deli is about to see colors it's never seen before. It's also the ultimate day after St. Patrick's meal (and incidentally, it makes a great hangover cure). If you're looking for a protein-packed, stick-to-your-ribs comfort food to carry you through the winter months, look no further than corned beef meatloaf.

To complete the meal, serve your elevated loaf with sautéed asparagus and a slab of honey-buttered cornbread. Or, serve this corned beef meatloaf as a sandwich on thick slabs of rye bread with Thousand Island dressing and Swiss cheese.